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Video Transcript – Bike Theft Video

Video Transcript

(Graphic: Protect Your Bikes! A message brought to you by Boise Police Department and Boise State Campus Security)

[Narrator]: Meet Betty. Betty’s a Bronco. Betty loves Boise State and loves to bike to work and class. Why, Betty’s bicycle is her only mode of transportation and she saved all summer to buy a nice one. Uh oh, Betty, you forgot to lock your bike. Stop, Betty! Stop! Betty has left her bike unattended and unlocked. It’s not going to be a good day for Betty.

[Officer Brek Orton, Boise Police Department]: Hello, my name is Officer Brek Orton with the Boise Police Department. We’ll do everything we can to help her get her bike back, but just so you know, there are certain steps that you can take in order to protect your property and prevent bicycle theft. Boise State has very few reports of crime, which is the good news. Bike theft, however, is the most common type of crime on and around campus. The first thing that you can do in order to protect your bicycle is to invest in a good, solid, strong, durable locking system. Cable locks are inexpensive and by far the most common type of lock we see here on campus, but there’s a problem with these locks. I’d like you to meet my friend Gabe from the Boise State Cycle Learning Center.

[Gabe Finkelstein, Boise State Cycle Learning Center]: Brek, the problem with these common cable locks is they’re easy to snip and in a moment’s time a bike is gone.

(Gabe easily cuts through a cable lock with a large pair of cutters)

[Brek Orton]: We would definitely recommend a U-style locking system and here’s why. During the last school year, 39 bike thefts were reported on campus. Of those, 29 were stolen while locked with a cable lock. Zero, that’s right, zero were reported stolen while locked with a U-lock. Hey Gabe, try it one more time with this U-style lock.

(Gabe tries to cut a U-lock with a large pair of cutters)

[Gabe Finkelstein]: Not happening. U-locks are not as easily or quickly defeated as cable locks. They’re tougher metal and they simply make your bike a tougher target. You can buy U-locks here on campus at the bookstore or the Cycle Learning Center, and Boise State students also get a discount. If you bring in your old cable lock, we’ll give you five dollars off of a new U-lock.

[Brek Orton]: Thanks Gabe. Second, we recommend that you register your bike. That way, if your bike is lost or stolen we’ll know who to get it back to. Get your serial number and you can register your bike at the Boise State Cycle Learning Center, the campus security and police services substation located at 20 to 45 University Drive, or online at It’s free, quick, and simple, and just may get your bike back.

[Gabe Finkelstein]: And we also suggest using your camera to take pictures of your bike so you can reference them if your bike goes missing. When you become a Bronco you become part of the community.

[Brek Orton]: And as a member of the Bronco community we need to take care of each other. Be vigilant, and if you see anything suspicious please call the Boise Police / Boise State University substation and report it.

(Graphic: BPD BSU Substation (208) 426-6911)

[Gabe Finkelstein]: We’re here twenty-four-seven and we always want to help. And remember: cycle safely!

[Brek Orton]: Thanks Gabe. And also remember that we need your help in protecting your property, so please do everything that you can to help us help you.

[Narrator]: Betty is having a better day. She’s an informed Bronco. Betty now locks her bike with a U-lock she bought on campus. She registered her bike and keeps a photo of it. Betty bikes the Boise State campus knowing she’s doing all she can to ride safely and protect her favorite bicycle. Great job, Betty! You’re helping keep Boise State a safe and friendly campus. This message is brought to you by the Boise Police Department and Boise State Campus Security reminding you to lock your bike, register your bike, and enjoy cycling in Boise. Go Broncos!