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Video Transcript – About Boise State COBE Careers!

Video Transcript

[BSU student 1]: So, my overall experience with Career Services was super positive. I kind of went to Brandon not knowing him at all and he kind of welcomed me with open arms. And I had a whole list of stuff that I had done in my pretty young career and he helped me organize it all into a really nice resume to try to catch a recruiter’s eye. Super positive experience.

[BSU student 2]: COBE Career Services has been professional but also super personable. I’ve met with a couple of different people for a variety of reasons and I’ve met with Laura so mainly focusing on resume help and cover letter building. I’m always good at brainstorming but then finalizing that perfect product is something I’ve struggled with. And so Laura every time has been able to help me say you know change this word to this word, it will highlight these key aspects.

[Student 1]: So some things Career Services does is they they put on a bunch of events and you can tell that they put a lot of effort into what they do I mean for instance, the mock interviews they always bring in industry professionals from whether it be Micron, Simplot, Balsam Brands just to name a few. But that’s super helpful because rather than just talking to somebody face-to-face who you know everyday and you see every day giving you interview tips, you’re getting interview tips from real industry professionals which is super helpful.

[Student 2]: My advice to students would be to start early. It’s never, you’re never too young to start thinking about your career and even if your career path goes in a totally different direction at least you were proactive. The earlier you start the more connections you have and that’s another thing that Career Services has done so well. They have the best networking events. That’s how I met my future boss and how I got my job, it was an introduction that I had help with. So you can always take the help and never look at it as a bad thing. Just look at it as another network opportunity.