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Our City

An aerial view of part of Boise State campus and downtown Boise.

Just as important as what you do is where you do it! Come be a part of a city that is community minded, innovation driven, and economically thriving! Boise’s combination of job opportunities, outdoor recreation, and vibrant culture will be sure to compliment to your education experience.

You can get an MBA anywhere. Where do you want to live?

Location, Location, Location.

Location is key to a successful business as well as your education. Boise State’s College of Business and Economics (COBE) is located in the heart of our region’s business community, and is one of our nation’s most desirable cities to live, work, and play. With Boise being the business hub of the region, COBE students have extensive access to internship opportunities, a wide sampling of careers, and a meaningful foot in the door. The city of Boise will help you make the most of your time obtaining your MBA.

Our City's Headlines

  • Top 20 Most Secure U.S. Place to Live (2012) Farmers Insurance Group
  • Home of multiple Fortune 500 company headquarters, including Micron, HP, and Albertson’s, as well as multiple growing tech companies like Clearwater Analytics, Cradlepoint, Kount, and TSheets
  • “Welcome to Boise, Idaho, the last great place in the American West — where housing remains affordable, Western culture still thrives, and access to the nation’s wildest state begins within city limits.” — National Geographic Adventure magazine in September 2006