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COBE ITM Placement Exams

The COBE placement tests for ITM 104, 105, and 106 are designed to gauge students’ knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access (2019 Office Suite). Students may complete any combination of the exams depending on the courses they’re hoping to test out of.

Each exam has a time limit of 2 hours. Multiple tests can be taken on the same day. Students can complete any combination of the 3 exams depending on placement needs. Two attempts are allowed per test, but exams cannot be repeated on the same day. The access code expires 14 days after your initial attempt. Please be sure to complete all attempts within 14 days.

How to Take the Exam(s) – COBE Placement Testing Agreement

To request to take the test, students must review the COBE Placement Testing Agreement and submit the agreement form at the bottom of the page. The Student Agreement must be reviewed and submitted again before each test attempt (up to 6 times). Please read the contents of this agreement carefully. This contract is binding; an electronic signature indicates that you have read, understood, and will comply with the contract terms. Any questions about placement or exam policy should be directed to the Information Technology and Supply Chain Management Department (

After completing the agreement form below, you will receive an email with instructions for taking the exam. Please read the email carefully.


Exam Terms and Conditions

Test Conditions

This exam has three sections: Word Processing, Spreadsheets, and Databases. Each section of the exam may be taken up to two times during a Boise State University academic career, but no one section of the exam may be taken twice in the same 24-hour period. If a student starts a section of the exam and does not have time to finish the entire exam section, the attempt counts as one of the two attempts allowed for a student for that exam section. The testing system simulates Microsoft Office 2019 applications (Word, Excel, and Access). The exam tests the student’s knowledge of how these applications work. Using the computer, the testing system, and terminology are all part of the exam. The maximum time limit for each section is 120 minutes. This time limit is monitored by MyITLab when you start the actual exam. The student is able to monitor their own time by watching the computer timer displayed on the exam. Upon successful completion of the tests, it is the student’s responsibility to drop out of any courses they no longer need. Courses will not be automatically dropped. As per Boise State policy, it is also the student’s responsibility to be aware of drop date deadlines.

Note: Passing the placement exam does not provide academic credit or override previous course grades.

Test Requirements

A photo ID and Student ID number is required in order to take this exam. The student must purchase a MyITLab license using a valid credit or debit card. The MyITLab License is valid for 14 days from the time it is entered into the student profile.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

No student may discuss or communicate in any way to anyone before, during, and after taking this exam regarding exam questions or information. No books, online help, electronic communication, or the assistance of another person may be used during any section of the exam. The student may not make notes about the exam while they take the exam. A second computer or laptop may not be used during the exam. The use of any resources other than the student’s own knowledge of the application and terminology is academic dishonesty and will be reported as such. The student will be provided written instructions for the exam. If the student misreads these instructions or misreads the instructions in the MyITLab testing system, the test result will still count as one of the two attempts permitted.

Completing The Exam

Successful completion (70% or above for each exam section) satisfies the ITM 104, ITM 105, and/or ITM 106 prerequisites for Boise State University courses. After completing this electronic contract, the student will receive a confirmation email containing information about the testing process. When the exam is passed, the student will need to reply to the email in order to notify the IT-SCM Department of their passing results. After a short processing period, the student will be able to register for courses that require ITM 104, 105, and/or 106 as a prerequisite.

Student Signature

  • This agreement should be submitted again before each individual test attempt. Check your email after each submission for instructions.
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