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ITM Club

What is Information Technology Management?

Information technology management (ITM) is the strategic planning, organization and control of an organization’s IT resources. As a career choice it is a good fit individuals who enjoy both business and technology.

Welcome to the ITM Club

As a student-led club, we come together as a community of passionate learners at Boise State University, eager to maximize our ITM experience. Our mission is to demystify information technology management, create a close community within the club and forge meaningful collaborations with industries to gain real-world industry exposure while building well-rounded portfolios.


We Are Diverse

Our diverse subgroups, including cybersecurity, network administration, data analytics, software development and artificial intelligence, offer a space for learning and collaboration. Our community has majors that branch off to more than just “ITM,” including: business administration, computer science, finance, supply chain management and more. Join us in creating a portfolio to show employers, participate in events, lead presentations, and network with professionals.

Officers, Events and Contact Info

The ITM Club hosts regular events and special gatherings. It is easy to communicate with us. Click the cards to view ITM Club officers and advisors, and to learn how our events are formatted.

Connect with Us

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