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OMBA Emphasis Area Course Descriptions

In order to earn an emphasis area on your transcripts, you must complete all three electives listed below for your chosen area.  Students pursuing the general “MBA” degree may take any 3 electives from the list below.  The first six courses below are all new courses being taught by new instructors; Construction Management courses will be taught by tenured and adjunct faculty from the College of Engineering and Healthcare Leadership courses will be taught by new adjunct instructors who are working at higher levels within the healthcare industry.

Construction Management Emphasis

BUSMBA 521 – LEADERSHIP IN ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING, AND CONSTRUCTION (AEC)  – Focus on management and leadership strategies as they apply to the architecture, engineering and construction industries. Topics include decision-making, effective communication and negotiating skills, change and conflict management, team building, leadership and ethics.

BUSMBA 522 – ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING, AND CONSTRUCTION (AEC) PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Topics related to the management of AEC projects including; scope, time, cost, quality, contracts, risk management and sustainability. Includes a focus on project administration and project controls, project scheduling and project cost accounting.

BUSMBA 523 – ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING, AND CONSTRUCTION (AEC) COMPANY MANAGEMENT  – Preparation for planning, organizing, staffing, executing, and controlling operations for ongoing management of an AEC company. Topics include organizational structures, financial management and accounting, sales and marketing, and personnel administration.

Healthcare Leadership Emphasis

BUSMBA 531 LEADERSHIP FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONALS – In-depth discussion of management and leadership strategies as they apply to healthcare. Emphasis on oral and written communication in the healthcare field, change management, program planning, organization, and staff development. Examination of data management, compliance, and ethics as they relate to management decision making.

BUSMBA 532 HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS AND DELIVERY – Explores health care economics, delivery, and payment systems from the perspective of key stakeholders. Discussion of current issues in health policy and the impact to cost, quality, and access of care. Analysis of various healthcare delivery models including accountable care and fee-for-service.

BUSMBA 533 HEALTHCARE OPERATIONS AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – Discussion of technology and practices for defining, measuring, and improving quality in healthcare. Exploration of financial decisions in a changing landscape with topics including revenue cycles, risk sharing, portfolio management and budgeting. Focus on data collection and analysis as tools for operational decision-making.

Management Emphasis

BUSMBA 530 MANAGERIAL COMMUNICATION – A hands-on introduction to written and oral managerial communication including informal exchanges, elevator pitches, meetings, and persuasive formal presentations. Emphasis placed on team-oriented and supervisory communication tactics. Interpersonal skills enhanced via online collaboration with classmates.

BUSMBA 535 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS ALIGNMENT – Examines the role of information technology in business process integration, strategic alignment, and business analytics. Includes application project in industry sector of student’s choosing.

BUSMBA 540 MANAGING SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS – Introduces and provides experience in the front-end issues of project management such as team formation, communication strategies, conflict management, project constraints, and risk analysis. Includes use of the project management tools: PERT/Critical Path, resource utilization, project monitoring and tracking, and critical chain analysis. Includes application project in industry sector of student’s choosing.


Required MBA Core Courses

BUSMBA 500 BUSINESS FOUNDATIONS – Provides self-paced initial foundation or refresher in basic financial accounting, micro-economics, statistics, and spreadsheets. (Pass/Fail.)

BUSMBA 501 DESIGN THINKING AND STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT – Examines collaborative innovation processes that are transforming business and driving industry life cycles. Includes a first exposure to the creation of functional, business-level, and corporate-level strategies. Special consideration of organizational design, diversification, mergers and acquisitions, and measures of strategic performance including use of Balanced Scorecards. Interpersonal skills enhanced via online collaboration with classmates.

BUSMBA 505 MARKETING STRATEGY – Focuses on revenue-generating opportunities with special emphasis on evaluating opportunities for new products or services. Includes segment analysis, customer choice behavior, branding, marketing tactics, personal selling, and the evaluation of market opportunities. Includes opportunity assessment project in industry sector of student’s choosing.

BUSMBA 510 PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS – Emphasizes integrated manager-employee relations in an organization. Includes HR planning, employee recruitment, selection, performance appraisal, discipline, coaching, compensation, and termination issues. Also focuses on collaboration, group dynamics, motivation, leadership, problem-solving, negotiation, and self-management. Interpersonal skills enhanced via online collaboration with classmates.

BUSMBA 520 GLOBAL ECONOMICS: POLICY AND TRADE – Reviews how economies work, the differences between economic systems, factors that influence international trade, exchange rates, labor economics, and government polices related to trade. Includes a survey on the economies of the world, current topics in global economics, data sources for international economic trends, and an introduction to major international trade agencies/associations. Includes application project in industry sector of student’s choosing.

BUSMBA 525 MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING – Examines various cost-based accounting concepts and practices. Particular emphasis on the challenges involved in using them to evaluate past performance and plan future deployment of firm resources. Interpersonal skills enhanced via online collaboration with classmates to solve managerial accounting problems.

BUSMBA 545 LEGAL ISSUES IN BUSINESS – Introduces future managers to the major legal issues involved in the business environment. Covers legal reasoning and the legal system, agency and business associations, torts, contracts, intellectual property, employment law, sales, and product liability. Includes application project in industry sector of student’s choosing.

BUSMBA 550 OPERATIONS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT – Introduces product and service movement within the firm and between the firm and its partners up and down the supply chain. Focus on logistics management, supplier relationships, and creating operational excellence within the firm. Includes operations modeling project in industry sector of student’s choosing.

BUSMBA 555 BUSINESS PLAN DEVELOPMENT – Integrates previous coursework via development of a business plan in industry sector of the student’s choosing.