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OMBA Emphasis Areas: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’m interested in switching to one of the new emphasis areas. What are my next steps?

Reach out to your OMBA advisor ASAP (via email or phone) to discuss your interests. Here are instructions on how to find your academic advisor in your Student Center.

While all current students could potentially change to one of our new emphasis areas, every situation is different. It may be more difficult for those who have already taken certain elective courses. Your advisor will be able to walk you through your options and next steps.

When will the new emphasis classes be offered?

To see when the new emphasis courses are offered, download a new course carousel on our “Course Planning” webpage (hint: scroll down or click the “Course Planning Downloads” link).

If I complete an area of emphasis, will it be listed on both my transcripts and diploma?

Yes. Your area of emphasis will be listed on both your transcripts and diploma. You are also encouraged to list your emphasis on your resume, LinkedIn, etc. as desired.

Can I mix and match 3 electives from different emphasis areas?

Yes, absolutely! However, no specific emphasis area will be designated on your transcripts or diploma if you mix and match electives. You would receive a “Masters of Business Administration” (general) degree. This is a great option if you do not want to add an emphasis to your MBA.

Do I have to complete all 3 required electives to receive an emphasis area on my transcript and diploma?

Yes. All 3 electives for a specific emphasis are must be completed for it to be listed on your transcripts and diploma.

If I’m admitted to the OMBA program as a general MBA, but take 3 electives in a specific emphasis, do I need to designate my intended emphasis area in the University system?

Yes! Your emphasis must be updated in the University system (regardless of the electives you take) in order to be listed on your transcripts and diploma. Please reach out to your advisor to start this process – you will have to fill out a quick electronic form that will 5 minutes or less to complete.

Can I complete more than one OMBA emphasis areas?

Yes, you can do more than one emphasis area. Before doing so, we highly recommend talking with your advisor first. Only one emphasis can be designated on your transcripts and diploma. Those doing multiple emphases will end up taking additional classes beyond the total number of courses needed for graduation and will have to pay the additional cost.

What are some expected outcomes I can expect by selecting an emphasis area?

1) Expect relevant and applicable learning in the industry of your choice

2) Access to, and networking opportunities, with classmates in the same industry

3) Differentiation for career positioning

4) Use your emphasis area of choice to help you (or your employer) justify the reason behind why an MBA from Boise State is a good fit for you and your company

What are the core classes that ALL students must take?

BUSMBA 500 Business Foundations

BUSMBA 501 Design Thinking

BUSMBA 505 Marketing

BUSMBA 510 People & Organizations

BUSMBA 515 Corporate Finance

BUSMBA 520 Global Economics

BUSMBA 525 Managerial Accounting

[insert your 3 electives here]

BUSMBA 545 Business Law & Ethics

BUSMBA 550 Operations & Supply Chain Management

BUSMBA 555 Integrated Capstone

Where can I find more information?

You can view more information and all emphasis areas on our Course Planning & Carousel website.All new and existing course descriptions. Or, email your OMBA advisor for assistance with course planning.