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MBA Program Learning Goals and Objectives

The Professional MBA program curriculum is guided by the following goals and objectives. Every Boise State Professional MBA graduate is expected to meet or exceed these outcomes. To ensure achievement of these goals, the COBE Graduate Programs staff, the Graduate Faculty Committee and other stakeholders have established an Assurance of Learning process.

Goal 1:

Our graduates will apply business principles to solve structured and unstructured problems to strengthen strategic positioning in the global economy.

Corresponding Objectives:

  • Our graduates will demonstrate an understanding of essential business disciplines and leadership principles.

  • Our graduates will use integrated knowledge across business disciplines to define, analyze and solve business problems.

Goal 2:

Our graduates will apply responsible business practices and ethics principles to inform decision-making.

Corresponding Objective:

  • Our graduates will be able to identify ethical dilemmas and apply an appropriate ethics model or framework to propose and defend resolutions.

Goal 3:

Our graduates will use effective teamwork and collaboration skills.

Corresponding Objective:

  • Our graduates will apply best practices in team settings and collaborative projects.

Goal 4:

Our graduates will deliver professional quality communications that demonstrate appropriate audience awareness.

Corresponding Objectives:

  • Our graduates will produce clear, concise, and compelling (credible and persuasive) business documents.

  • Our graduates will deliver oral presentations that use effective content, organization, and delivery, accompanied by appropriate technology.

Goal 5:

Students will be able to analyze organizational environments and apply appropriate leadership behaviors based on the context