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Business Degree Requirements

The College of Business and Economics offers three different degree types:
Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)
Bachelors of Art (BA)
Bachelors of Science (BS)

Please note that any student seeking a BBA in the College of Business and Economics must complete all 9 Gateway courses, with a 2.5 GPA or better, before entering into their upper-division degree requirements.

The degrees offered by the College of Business and Economics are listed below and linked to the most current catalog year course requirements.
Accountancy BBA
Business Administration BBA
Business Economics BBA
Business and Economic Analytics BS
Economics BA
Economics, Quantitative Emphasis BA
Entrepreneurial Management BBA
Finance BBA
Human Resource Management BBA
Information Technology Management BBA
International Business BBA
Supply Chain Management BBA

Common Double Majors (please see a COBE Advisor for more information regarding double majors)
Accounting and Finance BBA
Information Technology and Supply Chain Management BBA

Get a business minor or certificate (for non-business majors)

Interested in adding a business minor or certificate? You can learn more about these requirements by visiting the +Business Minor and Certificate homepage.