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First-Semester Advising

Collage of Boise State Students and Academic Advising

Welcome to your first semester as a COBE student!

All COBE (College of Business and Economics) students are required to meet with their advisor before registering for the following semester. Traditional first-semester COBE students are required to attend a First-Semester Advising session to clear their registration hold.

Transfer Student?

First-semester transfer students are welcome to sign up for a first-semester session but are encouraged to participate in walk-in advising.

Who should attend First-Semester Advising?

First Semester Advising is designed to target traditional first-year students who are attending their first actual semester of college. Students who may have jumpstart, concurrent, or AP credits would still qualify as a traditional first-year student who would need to sign up for a session.

What will I learn?

These sessions cover everything you need to know about your upcoming semesters. We review the COBE Admission process and connect you with general campus resources as well as specific COBE resources. By the end of this session, students will have a schedule planned for the following semester, have a better grasp on how to navigate the Boise State Student Center, and understand how to utilize the electronic advising tools provided by COBE Advising.

What do I need to bring?

Yourself, of course!

It is also required that students bring a laptop or tablet to this session, as there are online components that will be covered. If you do not have a device, please contact the Boise State Helpdesk for options to check out a laptop prior to your session. Patience and a positive attitude are always welcome!

Register Now!

All First-Semester Advising sessions have been completed for this semester.

Questions? Please contact COBE Advising Services for help!