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First-Semester Advising

Collage of Boise State Students and Academic Advising

Welcome to your first semester as a COBE student!

In an effort to support timely graduation, all College of Business and Economics (COBE) students are required to meet with their an each semester.  First-semester COBE students will have a dedicated appointment with an advisor to develop a semester plan, review COBE policies and procedures, and discuss academic and career goals.  A required advising notification will be placed on student accounts which will prevent registration for the following semester until an advising meeting has occurred.  After a first-semester appointment has taken place, students will be able to connect with an advisor on a walk-in basis.

*Transfer students will not need to complete the first-semester appointment and can refer to our Fall 2022 Advising homepage to connect with an advisor.

Who should make a first-semester advising appointment?

First-semester advising is designed to target students who are attending their first actual semester of college.  Although you may have dual/concurrent credits, AP, IB, or earned an associate degree while in high school, an appointment is required if this is your first semester attending college after graduating high school.  You may have even attended a transfer/non-traditional orientation, still, an appointment is required if this is your first semester attending college.

*A transfer student is anyone who has earned college credit after graduating high school.  

Make an appointment now!

First-semester advising appointments have concluded for the Fall 2022 semester.  Please visit our walk-in hours for your advising needs.