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Amanda Miller wins Adjunct Faculty of the Year award

amanda miller

Amanda K. Miller, teacher of Business Communications and Professional Communications, was selected as the Adjunct Faculty of Year. Miller began teaching for the Department of Marketing in the College of Business and Economics 2019. Department of Marketing chair, Kirk Smith, knew Miller when she was enrolled in the Boise State MBA program. She received her MBA degree in 2016.

“From the beginning, Amanda has committed to lifelong learning and to being an adaptive and thoughtful instructor for her students. She has completed several seminars through eCampus to improve online teaching strategies. She also regularly implements her own course feedback form to students in each class that helps her adapt lessons, instructions, and/or activities to better serve her students,” said Smith.

Miller also teaches in the online Bachelor of Business Administration in Management program for the Department of Management.

Some specific examples of Miller’s classroom contributions include:

  • She helps students get a feel for on-the-job situations by adding professional simulations to her classes.
  • She integrates student participation, reflection, and team-building throughout the course to help her students grow towards successful careers.
  • She is willing to embrace new technologies. Amanda adopted PitchVantage software that uses AI to produce real-time feedback for students as they are presenting.

Miller’s passion is in nonverbal communications. She has presented research on emotional intelligence and bridging the gap between social generation communication differences.

Amanda Miller with a horse

Miller also works in the equestrian field. She owns and manages a boutique hunter/jumper facility that offers horse lessons, training and colt starting. She also has her equine-assisted therapy certification and uses equine nonverbal communications as an aid in therapy sessions.

Adjunct Faculty of Year award is given by the provost and was announced during Employee Appreciation Week. The purpose of the award is to honor adjunct faculty members at Boise State University who demonstrate excellence in teaching, particularly by using evidence based instructional practices and student engagement techniques to support student success, as well as for their engagement with faculty development opportunities.