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Bronco Corps

Putting Students to Work for Idaho Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Bronco Corps assists and lifts Idaho nonprofits and small businesses by connecting talented, business-focused students to high-need projects and internships.

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What Does Bronco Corps Do?

Creates Partners for Success

Bronco Corps brings together students from business-focused majors to identify innovative solutions and ensure the continued viability of Idaho’s nonprofit and small business community. Whether due to a lack of resources, a shortage of capacity or newfound financial constraints, Bronco Corps can use the passion and ingenuity of students to make a real difference.

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Provides Professional Experience for Students

Find a paid position, apply for academic credit if desired and make a positive impact on Idaho’s nonprofit and small business community.

Positions are open to actively enrolled students and are listed on the COBE Internship and Job Board under the Bronco Corps tab.

Students, find Bronco Corps positions here

Assists Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Work with the Bronco Corps administration team to craft an opportunity for students to help your organization free of charge. Once approved, positions will be posted to Handshake where students can apply for summer participation (May – August).

Employer applications close December 9, 2022. Review of new applications will begin February 2023.

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Community Partners:

Gardner Company

Idaho Nonprofit Center

Idaho Small Business Development Center

Idaho Community Foundation

Serve Idaho

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Laura Chiuppi (Employer + Student Questions)
Director of COBE Career Services

Monique Halgat (Employer + Student Questions)
Career Coordinator

Perrine Blakley (Giving + Funding Questions)
Director of Gift Planning, Boise State University

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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Questions

Am I eligible to participate?

To be eligible for Bronco Corps, students must be enrolled at Boise State in at least six credits as an undergraduate student, or five credits as a graduate student. Alternatively, students in the final semester of their degree program must be registered in all classes required for program completion regardless of credits.

Students must also regularly attend classes or meet the intent to enroll criteria which means 1) a current student has registered for the next semester, or 2) a new or returning student has current admission status for the next term.

Additionally, students must meet minimum qualifications listed by the hiring employer for each position they apply to.

For international students, there may be additional eligibility requirements depending on your visa status. Please use these resources to determine if you can participate in Bronco Corps as an international student.

I am not a Business Major, can I still participate?

Students from any major or academic program can participate.

Will I automatically be considered for all Bronco Corps positions?

No. Students are required to apply to individual positions for which they are interested and qualified. The hiring organization or company will select top applicants to interview.

Students can take advantage of career coaching to help prepare their application materials and practice for interviews. Schedule a career coaching appointment here.

Are Bronco Corps positions paid?

Yes. All positions are paid $14 an hour, up to 160 hours per position.

Can I have more than one position?

Students may participate in a maximum of two Bronco Corps positions. However, multiple positions CANNOT be worked simultaneously.

Can I work a campus job in addition to a Bronco Corps position?

Yes. However, the hours worked between your Bronco Corps position and your other campus job(s) cannot exceed 29 hours per week during the regular school year. If you are not enrolled in classes over summer, you can work a combined total of 39 hours per week.

Before accepting a Bronco Corps position, students should carefully consider how they manage their time between multiple jobs, internships and their studies. Most Bronco Corps positions are 5-15 hours per week, which can equate to the same workload as an additional course.

Can I get academic credit for my Bronco Corps position?

Yes, potentially. Academic credit is an option, not a requirement. Students who have been hired for a Bronco Corps position may apply for academic internship credit with completion of the Boise State Internship Application, department approval, and adherence to application deadlines.

How do I apply?

The application process is as simple as find and apply. Students can view all open Bronco Corps positions on the COBE Internship and Job Board. Once you have found a position for which you are interested and qualified, you will log into Handshake and submit your application to the hiring organization/company. Beyond that, there is no additional application required to take part.

What comes next once I've been hired for a Bronco Corps position?

Although your work will be completed with an external organization, you will be paid by Boise State University and are therefore a student employee. As a student employee you will need to complete an I-9, W4, Direct Deposit form, as well as Compliance Training.

Shortly after you accept your position, Bronco Corps staff will send an onboarding email to your u.BoiseState email address. That email will provide further instructions.

Once hired, you should also connect with your external supervisor to review internship expectations, work schedule, communication modalities, etc.

Small Business and Nonprofit Questions

Is my organization eligible to participate?

You must be either a nonprofit or small business. Small businesses typically have under 500 employees, but we are targeting those smaller businesses with 1-15 employees. There is, however, some flexibility here since our goal is to help those organizations who have been directly impacted by the COVID pandemic.

What is required of my organization?

You are accountable for the following, with assistance from COBE Career Services:

  • Adhering to Boise State’s Employer User Policy
  • Writing a clear internship/job description
  • Creating a Handshake account and posting the position
  • Selecting who you want to interview; scheduling and conducting interviews
  • Selecting who you would like to hire; offering the position
  • Determining number of hours worked per week; tracking and confirming hours worked every two weeks
  • Defining the internship/job scope; assigning tasks/projects that are within a student’s area of study
  • Providing an attentive supervisor/mentor; giving regular guidance, evaluation, and feedback to hired students

What is the cost to my organization?

Boise State compensates the students, therefore you have no financial obligation. The program is designed to be a resource to you during these challenging times.

Who is eligible to hire?

To be eligible for Bronco Corps, students must be enrolled at Boise State in at least six credits as an undergraduate student, or five credits as a graduate student, or in the final semester of a degree program registered in all classes required for program completion. Students must also regularly attend classes or meet the intent to enroll criteria which means 1) a current student has registered for the next semester, or 2) a new or returning student has current admission status for the next term. If a student is in their final semester of their degree program, they must complete all Bronco Corps hours before graduation.

To verify that a student is eligible, please contact Laura Chiuppi by emailing

Will I get to interview candidates for the position I post?

After posting your position to Handshake, you will directly receive student applicants and you can select which students you want to interview and then hire.

Is there a limit on the number of students I can request?

You can post up to two positions – which would be a maximum of two students.

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