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For-Credit Application Process

Quality internships offer a lot more than clerical work and coffee runs. They provide engaging learning opportunities with supportive employers. As a College of Business and Economics (COBE) student, an internship will help you gain experience, build a professional network and explore different career paths.

Did you know that you can earn academic credit for internship hours? Here are the basic requirements to consider if you are interested in earning credit for your internship.

  • Internship duties must align with a COBE academic discipline and meet planned learning objectives
  • Registration for academic credit is subject to approval by each department
  • For-credit internships typically have pre-requites such as junior/senior standing, minimum GPA, etc.
  • Every 45-50 hours worked equates to one academic credit
  • You must complete all your internship hours in the same semester that you apply for academic credit
  • There may be limits to the number of internship credits you can apply to your degree requirements

Please note — content on this page is provided as a quick reference. All official degree requirements are published in respective academic catalogs. Find your catalog on the Registrar’s site.

Application Instructions


During required undergraduate advising, ask a COBE Academic Advisor if you can use internship credit toward your degree and major. An advisor will help identify if you need credit and where it fits into your academic plan. Need to meet outside of required advising? Contact COBE Advising Services today.

If you are in a fully online program, contact your program’s advising and student success team.

Gradate students interested in internship credit should speak with their program chair or assigned faculty advisor. For Career Track MBA students, refer to these required internship steps.


After you have met with an advisor, use COBE Career Services to find and apply to different internship opportunities. Schedule time with a career coach to draft your resume, practice for interviews, or target specific business internships. Want to start exploring now? Find opportunities on the COBE Internship and Job Board.


Once you have found an internship and accepted an offer, complete the following steps to apply for academic credit.

  1. Log into your myBoiseState account.
  2. Start your electronic application by clicking the plus (+) sign next to “Internship Application for Academic Credit” on the left-hand side of the application page.
  3. Fill out the application with as much detail as you are able.
  4. Complete the required online orientation and quiz.
  5. Submit.

Please note, University Career Services runs this portion of the application process. Contact University Career Services directly for technical assistance or review more information about technical application steps.


After you submit your application, it will be routed to your department internship coordinator (listed on this page) and your internship supervisor (external organization or company contact) for approval. For this reason, we suggest communicating with both prior to submitting your application.

Please note, you will not be registered for your internship credit(s) until your department internship coordinator and internship supervisor approve your application.

Once your application is approved, the Registrar’s Office will manually add your internship credits to your class schedule.


The last day to submit and obtain approval for all application materials is as follows:

SPRING – February 17, 2023

SUMMER – June 28, 2023

FALL – September 27, 2023

For all deadlines, refer to the Boise State Academic Calendar.

COBE Internship Coordinators

Business and Economic AnalyticsTeagen
Career Track MBATrisha Lambtrishastevenslamb@
Information Technology ManagementTeagen
International BusinessJack 426-7410
Management: Human Resources, General Business, Entrepreneurship, Non ProfitTimothy 426-5022
Supply Chain ManagementRegis

Using Financial Aid

The University bills internship credit at the same rate as regular academic credit. There is an earlier deadline to have your application approved if you plan to use internship credits toward Financial Aid Eligibility. That deadline is typically noon on the 10th day of classes. Contact Financial Aid for more support.

Similarly, there may be additional deadlines and requirements if using Veteran Benefits. Contact Veteran Services for more support.

Internship Application FAQs

Academic Planning

Can I use internship credit to fulfill graduation requirements?

Potentially. The use of internship credits depends on your major and academic plan. We never suggest paying for internship credits if they will not count toward graduation.

To check if a for-credit internship fits into your undergraduate academic plan, talk with a COBE academic advisor. If you are a graduate student, speak with your program chair or faculty advisor. If you are a Career Track MBA student, find the CTMBA Internship Processes here.

Do my internship duties have to align with a COBE field of study?

Yes. First, consider what type of work you will be doing on the job. Then, look over your program requirements and other available COBE course descriptions. For clarification, have a conversation with the appropriate Department Internship Coordinator to see if your internship duties fit within that field of study.


Can I check my internship application status?

You can check your application status by logging into myBoiseState and clicking into your electronic application. Once there, click on “View Updates.”

How will I hear if my internship was approved?

You will get email updates throughout the application process. Be sure to check your myBoiseState email inbox.

You can also check your application status by logging into myBoiseState and clicking into your electronic application. Once there, click on “View Updates.”

I'm still waiting to hear about approval...

If a few weeks have passed since submitting your application and you have yet to heard back, we recommend checking a few factors.

  • Log into your application to view its status or check your myBoiseState email inbox for notifications.
  • Check with your Department Internship Coordinator to make sure the application was routed to them correctly.
  • Check with your internship supervisor to make sure they have received and responded to the email requesting their approval.
  • Still having issues? Check with the main University Careers Services office to address technical issues.

Course Requirements

Will there be a course component to my internship? Will I need to do anything beyond working my internship hours?

It depends. Internship course requirements vary by department. Please reach out to your Department Internship Coordinator for questions regarding internship course requirements. At a minimum, you will need to log your hours worked.

Finding Opportunities

How do I find business-focused internship opportunities?

Meet with us! You can schedule one-on-one career coaching to jump-start your internship search. A COBE career coach will help you strategize effective ways of connecting with business-focused companies and organizations. Also, take advantage of the resources we provide and attend a COBE career event.

What should I do if I'm not getting traction on applications?

We highly encourage you to schedule one-on-one career coaching. COBE career coaches have industry expertise and a professional network of recruiting employers.

Can I use my current job as an internship?

It depends. If you are hoping to complete an internship at your current job, your internship specific duties and hours must fall outside regularly assigned tasks and projects.

Interning Abroad

Can I receive internship credit while aboard?

Potentially. Completing a for-credit internship while abroad requires much preparation. To get started we suggest you reach out to the Global Learning Opportunities (GLO) office to check what types of work, if any, your abroad program allows. After you have checked in with GLO, you would follow the for-credit internship steps outlined above.


I'm having issues with how my internship credit(s) appear on my class schedule.

Confirm with your Department Internship Coordinator for what subject and how many credits you were approved. Reach out to the Registrar’s Office to make approved adjustments.

I'm still not seeing my internship credit(s) on my class schedule.

First, confirm that your internship application has been approved. You can check your application’s status by logging into myBoiseState and clicking into your electronic application. Once there, click on “View Updates.”

If your application has been approved, but you still do not see it on your class schedule, reach out the Registrar’s Office. If your application has not been approved, reach out to your internship coordinator and your internship supervisor for assistance.

Technical Trouble

I'm having technical trouble with my internship application and/or the online orientation video and quiz.

Contact the main University Career Service office for assistance. They can help with back-end application processing. They can also troubleshoot issues with the online orientation video and quiz.