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Excerpts from John Grizzaffi’s Alumni Gala Awards Acceptance Speech

Video Transcript


First off, I’m very humbled to be here to receive this award. When I got the call, I didn’t know that that was something I was deserving for, but I had a chance to collaborate and meet a lot of great people, and last year, I became an ambassador, and I’ll continue my connection with the College of Business. In 2005, I get a phone call from my daughter Ashley, who was going to school at Texas Tech. She was a freshman. Ashley called me up and said, “Dad, I want to come to Boise. I want to talk to you about going to see about the nursing program. As time went on, Ashley did get her Nursing degree, and we went to Chandler’s to celebrate — Jerilyn, Ashley and myself. And, Ashley said, “Dad, I decided I don’t want to be a nurse,” but it had to happen in seven years of Boise State College for my daughter Ashley was great. Finally, my family and Jerilyn’s family are forever grateful for the scholarship that was put together about four years ago through the College of Business to honor Jerilyn. That is a huge honor to us, and I appreciate that, so thank you. I’m extremely honored, and God bless you all.

[Applause and Music]