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Non-Degree Seeking Student

Boise State Students

To be eligible for non-degree-seeking admission, applicants must:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED prior to attending Boise State.
  • Not have been dismissed from a college or university within the last semester.

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How do I apply as a non-degree seeking student?

Boise State University provides a convenient process for students wanting to take courses of interest. All you need to do is submit the Boise State Application along with the nonrefundable application fee. Select either the undergraduate application or the graduate application depending on which course(s) you plan to take.

Boise State has a secure server which will ensure your privacy to apply online. You are able to submit credit card payment online for your application fee as well.
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How many credits can I register for each semester?

As a nondegree-seeking student during the fall or spring semester, you can register for any combination of courses totaling seven or fewer credits; or a maximum of two courses, even if these courses total more than seven credits. Non-degree seeking students pay the part-time per credit rate.

Can I qualify for financial aid?

Nondegree-seeking students are not eligible to receive federal financial aid no matter when classes are taken. In addition, transfer students will not receive an evaluation of their transfer credit until they apply and are admitted as degree-seeking students. Any credits earned as a nondegree-seeking student can be applied toward a degree at a later date.

What services are available to part-time students?

  • Academic Support: Full services available
  • Associated Students of Boise State: Eligible to vote in Campus elections. Must be full-time status to run for office.
  • Athletic Tickets: 2 Guest tickets to Football and Basketball games
  • Campus Apartments: Available
  • Student ID card: Available
  • Campus Recreation: Additional fee per semester required
  • Career Center: Full services available
  • Counseling Services: Full services available
  • Children’s Services: Available if taking 6 or more credits
  • Health and Wellness Center: Additional fee per semester required
  • Internships: Eligible to participate
  • Intramural Sports: Eligible to participate
  • Outdoor Recreation: Full services available
  • Parking and Transportation: Full services available
  • Student Employment: Available with 6 or more credits
  • Student Housing: Contact for details
  • Veterans Services: Full services available
  • Writing Center: Full services available