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Undergraduate Students

Welcome to our undergraduate program in Civil Engineering.

If you are in the program and need some quick advice you should look at our Advising page.

If you want to look at our current degree requirements, including the option to gain an emphasis in Secondary Education, or see what our schedule for elective course offerings is you should look at our Degree Requirements page.

If you have courses, either now or in the future, you want to transfer to BSU for credit in the Civil Engineering program, you should look at our Transfer Course page.

Students in the Bachelor of Science program in Civil Engineering need to apply for and gain upper-division standing within the department.  To see what this entails you should look at our Admission to Upper Division page.

If you are interested in moving directly into a graduate program in Civil Engineering, while finishing your work on your bachelor’s degree, you should look at our Accelerated Masters Degree page.

Have a good look around.  We have a lot of material on our site, and may just have the answers to your questions already out here.  Also, please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have a question.