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Finish in Four Program

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Boise State University’s Computer Science Department is committed to student success and is excited to be participating in the University’s Finish in Four Graduation Guarantee program.

Refer to the Finish in Four plans on the “Academics” page for each CS Bachelor Degree Emphasis

NOTE: Many students attempt to follow the Finish in Four plan, but generally do not register for the BSU Finish in Four program.

About the Program

  • Finish in Four is designed to encourage and assist students in timely 4-year graduation.
  • Freshmen students sign an agreement in order to participate. Find more details in “How to Participate” below.
  • Students are assigned an academic advisor who assists with academic planning, course registration, and career guidance.
  • Boise State University ensures course availability does not limit the student’s ability to graduate in four years.
  • There is no penalty for students that decide to withdraw from the program.
  • Boise State University assumes tuition responsibility for required course(s) needed for degree completion if not available as per agreement.

Benefits for Participating Students

  • Stay on track academically: The written four-year course plan outlines which classes to take and when so that the degree takes just four years.
  • Find an accelerated path into the job market or advanced education: The sooner the degree completed, the sooner the long-term career begins.
  • Save money: Additional semesters of classes, especially when taking 12 credits or less, really adds up.
  • Experience greater opportunities for educational enrichment: Pre-plan study abroad programs, internships/practica, service learning experiences and summer school enrollment.
  • Enjoy a rewarding academic focus: Earning 32 credits a year (summers can be included) and maintaining good academic standing ensures a first-class intellectual experience.

How to Participate

Students who wish to pursue the Finish in Four Graduation Guarantee need to complete the following steps:

  • Review the finish in four agreement prior to requesting a meeting with an academic advisor
  • Make a list of questions to discuss.  Answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Meet with an academic advisor in the Computer Science Department.
    • Check your myBoiseState Student Center to find name and contact info for assigned academic advisor.
    • If no academic advisor has been assigned, contact the Department office at (208) 426-5766 for more information.
  • Develop a four-year plan with help from an assigned academic advisor
  • Complete the plan and sign the agreement
    • Both the student and the advisor must sign the agreement.
    • Both the four year plan and the agreement must be sent to:

Advising and Academic Support Center
MS 1150
Simplot/Micron Advising and Success Hub
(208) 426-4049

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