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Finish in Four Agreement

Download Finish in Four Agreement (PDF)

By signing this agreement, I consent to participation in the Boise State University Finish in Four: Four-Year Graduation Plan and agree to comply with the conditions outlined below. In addition, the university makes a commitment that graduation in four years will not be delayed by course availability.

To be eligible for the benefits of the plan, I will satisfy the following conditions

  1. Declare an undergraduate major that qualifies for the Finish in Four program.  Students seeking double majors or dual degrees will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may not be approved.  An updated degree plan is required for any major/program changes. Failure to submit an updated plan will impact my eligibility.
  2. Stay on track by remaining in good academic standing at the University. Make satisfactory academic progress, including passing all courses with the required grades. I may retake courses as necessary, but understand that the need to retake/repeat a course will impact my eligibility.
  3. Earn a minimum of one-quarter (1/4) of the applicable credits, in the prescribed sequence, for my degree program each year. I may choose to include summer session(s).
  4. Meet with my academic advisor prior to my assigned registration time each semester and discuss my progress toward graduation as well as options for additional experiences such as Study Abroad, service learning and internships.
  5. Drop or add classes only after speaking with my academic advisor. I understand that dropping or adding a class may affect my plan and may result in ineligibility.
  6. Enroll in any available courses needed for my degree program, within 48 hours of my designated registration appointment. I understand that specific courses may not be available at the time in which I would prefer to take them.
  7. Resolve any issues that may prohibit registration (including, but not limited to, securing financial aid, paying fines, and resolving judicial issues). My ability or inability to obtain financial assistance does not affect the terms of the Agreement.
  8. Meet all requirements of the major, option, minor, etc., including those for admission to and continuance in the major/option/minor. Admission to the Finish in Four program does not guarantee admission to the major, minor, or option.
  9. Apply for graduation by the appropriate deadline and meet all other graduation requirements.
  10. Accept responsibility for monitoring my progress by accessing web-based degree audit and grade records, and by acting on advice given by my advisor so that I stay on track toward my graduation in four years.
  11. Notify my advisor and the Finish in Four Coordinator, in writing, no later than two weeks after the start of my assigned registration period prior to the term when the course(s) is/are needed, that graduation may be delayed due to unavailability.
  12. I may withdraw from the Agreement at any time without penalty, upon written notice to the advisor and the Finish in Four Coordinator, through letter or e-mail.

As part of the program, Boise State University will

  1. Provide an academic advisor at your initial registration and before registration each subsequent semester to review course selections from the recommended four-year plan provided by the academic department.
  2. Provide early enrollment to all Finish in Four participants who are making satisfactory academic progress at the end of their first undergraduate year.  Students won’t receive early enrollment until their first undergraduate semester grades are finalized.
  3. Assure the availability of courses to enable you to complete the Finish in Four program. If you meet all the conditions listed above but are unable to graduate with your undergraduate degree due to the unavailability of a course, your department and college will work with you to develop reasonable and appropriate alternatives. If there are no academically acceptable alternatives, The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies will review the alternatives and determine if Boise State University will pay the tuition for you to take the course(s) required for you to complete your degree program within the next year.

General Conditions

  1. Failure of the student to be admitted to the intended major or program results in cancellation of the Agreement unless a change in major that can be completed in four years is approved by the advisor and the Finish in Four Coordinator.  Any and all major/program changes must be approved by the advisor and the Finish in Four Coordinator.
  2. Schools, colleges, and departments may have additional requirements for the Agreement protocol. Those requirements are incorporated into the Agreement and protocol, and a copy will be provided to the student by the advisor at the time the Agreement is signed.