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Support 4 ECE

Support for the ECE Department is managed in part by a ticketing system which is integral to our business operations.  To initiate any task in our department, select the appropriate form from our employee resources menu or simply send an email request to create a help ticket.

Want to provide feedback? Take advantage of our 3-Minute Customer Satisfaction Survey.  Or, reach out to our Department Manager Jenn Ambrose directly.

About our Teams


The ECE Department is supported by three teams of professionals organized around academic affairs, business services, and public relations.


Our mission is to offer inclusive, accessible, and compassionate support for our department community.


  1. Facilitate regular opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to connect.
  2. Offer training and guidance to help faculty and students navigate systems and processes.
  3. Host topical drop-in sessions for students and employees.
  4. Execute department business as effectively and transparently as possible.
  5. Build and maintain robust relationships with constituents.

Academic Team

Ann Delaney, Senior Academic Advisor

Ann Delaney

The academic team is led by Ann Delaney who works in conjunction with Dr. Hao Chen to administer undergraduate programs and advise undergraduate students. Ann earned her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Boise State in Materials Science & Engineering. Prior to working for ECE, she ran the SAGE Scholars program and taught ENGR 130. When she’s not busy helping students, Ann is out hiking with her dogs or putting her impressive making skills to use, doing some knitting, sewing, or weaving.

Travis Doherty, Graduate Programs Coordinator

Travis Doherty

Travis Doherty is our graduate programs coordinator, working in conjunction with Drs. Cantley and Smith to manage graduate admissions and assessment.  Travis supports our graduate students and their advisors as they navigate the milestones of their degree programs.  He is also an ex-officio member of the COEN undergraduate committee.

Travis is busy pursuing his bachelor’s degree and spends his free time with his family, including his dog Guinness.

Sai Muntha, Academic Support Specialist

Sai is a student employee who works to supports the academic team.

Business Team

Office Manager

Our office manager position is currently vacant. Generally speaking, the office manager (OM) is responsible for the coordination of business operations for our department. In addition, to overseeing daily functions, the OM oversees purchasing, p-card, travel, reimbursements, and hourly hiring.

Vienne Aberle, Business Services Specialist

Vienne's Profile pic

Vienne Aberle is a Business Services Specialist.  She manages the bulk of the purchasing and reconciliation activity for the department along with her teammate Morgan Roberts.

Vienne is earning her BA in Rhetoric and Technical Writing.  Her favorite things include writing, cooking, spending time with her partner, reading, and playing the piano.

Zane Miller, Financial Reporting Specialist

Zane Miller, who earned his accounting degree from UNLV, has recently joined the team as a part-time financials services specialist dedicated to helping PIs with accounts, personnel, and payroll reporting.

Morgan Roberts, Business Services Specialist

girl leans against wall

Morgan Roberts is a Business Services Specialist.  She manages the bulk of the purchasing and reconciliation activity for the department along with her teammate Vienne Aberle.

Morgan is currently pursuing a Mechanical Engineering Degree in preparation for a career in Aerospace Engineering.

Promotions Team

Jenn Ambrose, Department Manager

Jenn Ambrose

Jenn has more than 25 years of experience as a program administrator for the State of Idaho, including more than 15 years with Boise State.  She earned a master’s degree in Organizational Development from Boise State and is working towards an Ed.D. in Organizational Change and Leadership from UC Irvine.

ECE Am-basset-ors Ringo & Yolanda

In addition to leading the ECE support teams, Jenn built and maintains the department’s website, leads our public relations efforts, and directs undergraduate assessment. In her spare time, Jenn loves working in her garden and walking with her basset hounds.

Katelyn Muschamp, Media & Events Specialist

Katelyn is the Department’s Media and Events Specialist, supporting our weekly seminar series as well as managing our social media presence.