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MSE 101 replaces MSE 245 course

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When the fall schedule is released it will not include MSE 245 Materials Science and Engineering.

Starting in Fall 2021, all Mechanical Engineering and Engineering BS (Engineering Plus) students who have not yet completed MSE 245 for their degree will now take MSE 101 Introduction to Materials Engineering in place of MSE 245.

MSE 101 is an introduction to broad classifications of materials, materials properties, and applications of materials. MSE 101 will have no prerequisites and, as a result, can now be taken earlier! Note, MSE 101 has a lecture component and a discussion group for a total of 3 credits, but does not have a lab.

Will you still need to take MSE 245L?

Engineering Plus Students:

  • Engineering Plus students will not need MSE 245L as it will be waived as a degree requirement. Students still need to complete a minimum of 120 credits.

Mechanical Engineering students:

  • Will need MSE 245L in F21 or S22 IF planning to take ME 352 or ME 303 in Fall 2022 or earlier. A permission number will be required to enroll in MSE 245L.
  • Will not need MSE 245L IF planning to take ME 352 or ME 303 after Fall of 2022; MSE 245L will be replaced with ME 301L in F22.
  • Starting in F22, all mechanical engineering students will take MSE 101 before taking ME 301L, unless MSE 245 and 245L credits have already been earned.

Note, a very limited number of MSE 245L seats will be offered in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022.

Please email with questions and to confirm if you plan to take MSE 245L in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 in order to be eligible for a permission number.

Lynn Olson, PE
Academic Advising Coordinator
Boise State University College of Engineering

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