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Fall 2023 Electives

downtown Boise with hot air balloons

In addition to the required courses that are offered, students can choose from a variety of elective courses across several engineering disciplines.


Fall 2023 ME Elective Courses

ME 325

HVAC Principles

Heating, ventilating and air conditioning applications of thermodynamic and psychrometric principles. Calculation of heating and cooling loads based on thermal comfort and design of processes and equipment that maintain desired indoor air quality.

Instructor:  Rachel Nutting
Schedule:  4:30pm-5:45am MoWe
Delivery:  In Person

ME 337


Overview of systems security: hardware, software, encryption, and physical security. Includes multiple modules: system security, physical issues in security, hardware and firmware security issues, industrial control, and all things connected to the internet. Cross-listed with CE 330, ECE 337, ENGR 337, and MATH 337, may be taken once for credit.

Instructor:  Sin Ming Loo
Schedule:  9:00am-10:15am WeFr
Delivery:  In Person

ME 442


Electrochemical principles, thermodynamics, types of corrosion, corrosion measurements, and corrosion prevention with examples from selected industries.

Instructor: Mike Hurley
Schedule:  3:00pm-4:15am MoWe
Delivery:  In Person

ME 460


Computer programs used to develop 3-D CAD database for design, analysis, simulation, and manufacturing. Machinery design to meet functional, performance, reliability and manufacturing requirements. Design projects reinforce concepts and methodologies. PREREQ: ME 323 (or ME 302 and ME 330); ME 352 or ME 303

Instructor: Ashley Hanson
Schedule: Asynchronous
Delivery: On-Line

ME 470


Theoretical development of finite element methods, solution algorithm formulation, and problem solving in stress analysis, heat transfer, and fluid flow.

Instructor: Zhangxian “Dan” Deng
Schedule: 9:00am-10:15am TuTh
Delivery: In Person

ME 477


Theory of biomaterials science. Medical and biological materials and their applications. Selection, properties, characterization, design and testing of materials used by or in living systems. May be taken for credit as BIOL, ME, or MSE, but not for more than one discipline.

Instructor:  Sophia Theodossiou
Schedule:  1:30pm-2:45pm WeFr
Delivery:  In Person

ME 497

Optimization Theory & Practice

Basics of optimization theory, numerical algorithms and applications. The course is divided into three main parts: linear programming (simplex method, duality theory), unconstrained methods (optimality conditions, descent algorithms, and convergence theorems), and constrained minimization (Lagrange multipliers, Karush-Kuhn-Tucker conditions, active set, penalty and interior point methods, and global optimization methods such as genetic algorithm and simulated an-nealing). Applications in engineering, operations, finance, statistics, etc. will be emphasized. Students will also use optimization packages to obtain practical experience with the material.

Instructor:  Aykut Satici
Schedule:  10:30am-11:45pm TuTh
Delivery:  In Person

ENGR 420/520


Exploration of effectively managing innovation processes, from idea to launch, as applied to entrepreneurship in all backgrounds and disciplines including engineering, business, health care, information technology, and the arts.

Instructor:  Joe Bonocore
Schedule:  4:30pm-5:45pm TuTh
Delivery:  In Person