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Industrial Processes Certificate

The Industrial Processes Certificate is intended for students interested in the production and/or manufacturing aspects of engineering.  Required courses in engineering economy and process control and improvement ensure a solid background in cost analysis and quality assurance.  The student can focus the remaining required courses on industrial design and control, modeling of production processes, and/or design for manufacture and assembly.

Course List

Industrial Processes Certificate

Credits Courses
 ENGR 360 Engineering Economy 3
 ENGR 460 Manufacturing Process Control and Improvement 3
Two (2) courses chosen from:

  •  MATH 301 Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • ME 464 Production Engineering
  • ME 465 Robust Control of Industrial Systems
  • ME 472 Vibrations
  • ME 478 Design and Analysis of Mechatronic Systems
  • ME 486 Human Factors Design
  • ME 488 Design for Manufacture and Assembly
Total 12