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Mechanical Design Certificate

The Mechanical Design Certificate is intended for students interested in expanding their knowledge of the design process. Students will have the opportunity to practice design skills through applied and hands-on work. This certificate offers a wide range of design-based experiences and discussions within the design-specific courses.

Course List

Mechanical Design Certificate

Credits Courses
Three (3) courses chosen from:

  • ME 424 Thermal Fluids Systems Design
  • ME 460 Computer Aided Design
  • ME 462 Machine Design
  • ME 466 Computer Integrated Design and Manufacturing
  • ME 482 Optimal Design
  • ME 484 Robust Design
  • ME 485 Vehicle Design
  • ME 486 Human Factors Design
  • ME 488 Design for Manufacture and Assembly
One (1) course chosen from:

  • COID 300 Design Thinking: Creative Problem Solving
  • COID 330 Creative Concepting
  • COID 332 Analytics for Design
Total 12