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Mechanical Materials Certificate

The Materials Certificate enables a concentration in material selection and behavior from an engineering perspective.  Students can acquire a solid background in materials for diverse applications such as biology, structures, and polymers.  This certificate may also be of interest to civil and electrical engineers.

Course List

Courses Credits
Four (4) courses chosen from:

(These courses are generally available at least once a year)

  • MSE 312 Mechanical Behavior of Materials
  • MSE 308 Thermodynamics of Materials
  • ME 450 Advanced Mechanics of Materials
  • ME 477 Biomaterials

(These courses are taught infrequently)

  • CE 442   Concrete
  • ME 442 Corrosion Engineering
  • ME 444 Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
  • ME 454 Composites
  • MSE 473 Physical Properties of Polymers
Total 12