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EIS Expansion

President Tromp cuts the ribbon on the Innovation Studio expansion

Developing a space for students to have hands-on experience has an economic impact on the region through:

      • reducing time to skill competency for graduating engineers
      • nurturing maturity in students’ engineering design
      • unleashing student creativity and innovation
      • developing useful fabrication skills
      • fostering teamwork and leadership development

Over the past two years, we’ve developed a new 480 square-foot collaboration space to complement our previous machine shop, roughly doubling the space available to engineering students. Six new 3-D printers, an electronics station, an additional CNC mill, and a foundry were added to the shop.

We are currently undergoing a major space expansion that will triple the size of the Innovation Studio, expanding opportunity for student access to mills, lathes, 3-D printers, and collaborative workspaces. Over time we intend to expand fabrication capacity with additional equipment and resources, as well as additional space to complement the functionality and utilization of the Engineering Innovation Studio. This is a critical component supporting a “modernized” engineering curriculum.

How you can support us

Our goal is to support the Engineering Innovation Studio through industry and private sponsorships. These funds will support the continued growth and maintenance of the Innovation Studio equipment and programs that support student learning and experience.

Give to support the Engineering Innovation Studio!