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Our highly trained faculty’s vast expertise spans a wide range of disciplines from microelectronics and materials science to environmental engineering and cybersecurity. This vast experience combined with an abiding passion to teach and conduct research makes our faculty a valuable asset to Idaho’s public and private industry sectors.

The College of Engineering is home to 102 full-time faculty members, of which, 84 are tenure/tenure-track. The College of Engineering is also home to 22 career National Science Foundation (NSF) award winners. In 2020, five faculty members were awarded NSF awards in computer science, mechanical and biomedical engineering, and materials science and engineering.

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Faculty and Staff

Civil Engineering

CE Faculty and Staff Directory

Computer Science

CS Faculty and Staff Directory

Construction Management

CM Faculty and Staff Directory

Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE Faculty and Staff Directory

Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning

OPWL Faculty and Staff Directory

Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

MBE Faculty and Staff Directory

Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering

MSMSE Faculty and Staff Directory

Emeritus and Adjunct Faculty

Civil Engineering

Emeritus Professors

Stephen Affleck – Emeritus Professor

David HawsEmeritus Professor

Adjunct Faculty

Gregory Leishman – Adjunct Faculty


Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning

Emeritus Professors

David Cox –
Linda Huglin –
Donald Stepich –

Adjunct Faculty

Elizabeth Bailey –

Lesa Becker –

Kevin Hanegan –

Peter Honebein –

Don Kirkey –

Cheri Lockett Zubak –

Carol Porter –

Steve Salik –

Glen Scott –

Jennifer Shamsy –

Christopher Slater –

Linda Urban –

Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

Emeritus Professors

Paul DawsonEmeritus Professor

Rudy EggertEmeritus Professor

Joe GuarinoEmeritus Professor 

Steve Tennyson –  Emeritus Professor

Adjunct Faculty


Ralph Budwig –

Ashley Hanson –

Robert Ohlson –

Tommy Smith –

Ted Sobey – 

John Stieha –