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Honor Roll of Donors

(Donations received 7/1/2020 through 6/30/2021)

With thanks to our donors:


The Bews Foundation

Keynetics, Inc.

$20,000 – $49,999


The John William Jackson Philanthropic Gift Fund

Idaho Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute

Idaho Community Foundation

Micron Technology Foundation, Inc.

Amazon Web Services

$10,000 – $19,999

Wright Brothers

Donald K. Haworth and Jan Laskey-Haworth

Kristin L. Muchow and Faisal Shah

Gregory C. Carr Foundation

Focus IP, Inc.


Hoffman Construction Company

Itamar Arel

$5,000 – $9,999

Larry J. Dresser

Terry and Julia Bowman

Harry Bettis

Jon Hatch and Candy Nourse-Hatch

Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, Inc.

CM Company, Inc.

Brian D. Gerhard

Idaho STEM Action Center

The MASIE Center

Knowm, Inc.

Eric and Elizabeth Schneider

Eric and Meghan Jankowski

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

The/Benevity Community Impact Fund

$1,000 – $4,999

Barbara Sites

Wei Zhang and Fengyi Chen

Snake River Valley Building Contractors Association, Inc.

Beniton Construction Company

Bob and Anna Barclay

Guho Corporation

Elaine and Lynn Russell

June Langton

Baker Concrete Construction, Inc

Winspear Construction LLC

Kevin and Kyanne Hawki

Lydig Construction

Fundriver, Inc.

Ackerman Estvold

Chrissy and Chad Shelton

Yvette Barrios

Jennifer L. Van Nortwick

Marlene Tromp

Bob Hamilton

Shawn Simonson and Bonnie Brannock-Simonson

John Gardner and Barbara Bowling

Kimberlee A. Brannock

Douglas Dockter

Verizon Foundation

Battelle Energy Alliance

Lisa Rendon

Power Foundation

Karen Lemon-Gebhardt

Colin Okada

Matthew Selke


JoAnn and Larry Lighty

Arlen and Susan Planting

Bill Knowlton and Amy Moll

Mary Anne H. Hartman-Cunningham

Matt and JoLynn Somero

Bill and Vanessa Hutchison

Idaho Power

Kimberly and Torrance McAlvain

McAlvain Construction, Inc.

Andersen Construction Company

Okland Construction Co., Inc

Eaton Corporation

Dwayne and Mary Lee Rife

Norm Dahm

Jim Browning

Marianna V. Budnikova and Allen T. Benz

$500 – $999

Martha D. Jaworski and John Rosato

Adriana Groff

Brad and Koleen Wiskirchen

Stevens-Henager College, Inc.

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation

Lori Clifton

Coe Miles

Center for Excellence in Higher Education

Dan and Cheryl Knighton

Donald Winiecki

Michael Lynott

Curtis and Sara Cahoon

Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation

Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving

Maria Mitkova and Branimir L. Vassilev

Tom Field and Laura Locke Field

Chris and Lauren Snow


Lee Bernasconi and Margaret Harmon

Mark and Michelle Heil

$100 – $499

Jo Ann and Ross Fenner

Linda Burnett

Vickie and James Whitham

Troy and Lutana Haan

James and Christa Fica

Steven Millard and Robyn Wood-Millard

Michael Plotts

Dave and Catherine Heckman

Shaunna and Kevin Kennedy

John and Yvonne Wagstaff

Jason and Sara Wilson

Jerry and Carol Heimbuch

Darrin Reed

Thad and Donna Welch

Brian E. Unruh and Anne Hoagland

Leigh Ann Dufurrena

Adam Rosenbaum

Micah L. Sandusky

Julie A. Wheeler

Justin J. Tietz

Tyler Rowe

Donny Kiehn

Allyssa Draves

Jordan and Katie Morales

Richard and Mary Mauney

Laura and Andrew Stento

Tenna and Robert Merritt

Emily A. Tanasse

Ben Hetz

Dan Donegan

Robert Pownall

Jessica Economy

Timothy and Kelli Schauer

Matthew Prall

In Gu Kang

Claire E. Herman

Susan and Mark Cappello

Nikesh Parajuli

James and Hillary Haight

William Sampson


Brian and Becky Ronald

Karen and Cary Baerlocher

Ruby Miller

Mandar Khanal

Tim Jones and Gillian Bailey

Greg and Joanne Beall

Teresa Cole

Jen Schneider

Noah Salzman

Michelle Macaw

Bob and Patti Clune

The Northrop Grumman Foundation

Alan Andrews

Shane G. Mickels

Gail and Kenneth Thompson

Michele Armstrong

Kevin and Cynthia Klein

Owen Thunes

David and Suzi Butzier

Idaho Central Credit Union

Jim and Barbara Allen

Doris Talbutt

Sharon S. McMorrow

Kevin E. Hanegan

Brett and Rani Aeschbacher

Big Springs Construction LLC

Cody Ravenscroft

Eric and Kathy Cutbirth

Lynn M. Olson

Russell and Linda Messier

Krishna Pakala and Aparna Varanasi

Doug Kellis

Mauro and Shelley Ferrando

Russell Berger


Kangni Jiang

Andy and Mindy Diehl

Steph Beidman

Christopher D. Haney

Lisa Giacumo

Ann and Michael Allyn

Kajal D. Virpariya

Andrew C. Gauss

Mark and Irene Hofhine

Ann E. Delaney

Justin and Yung Stiffler

Camille Hallam

Sierra A. Sandison

Kyle W. Unruh

Kelli Rooney

Lester and Carole Haverland

Justin Reed

Francis Heck

Kaleb J. Churchman

Daphne R. Lee

Leslie Cuen

Baily R. Hazzard

Gina Venturini

Leandra Aburusa-Lete

American Express Foundation

Edward M. MacDougall

Kelly D. Martinez

Mark and Mabry Brice

Karen Pinto

Joey Richardson

Anthony M. Keith

Donald Kellis

Eric and Michelle Lincoln

Preston Pierce

David and Karen Crawford

Mark and Lorraine Reed

Dave and Lynne Barnes

Andrie Cline

Pierson and Tara Dewit

Paul and Mickie Wehrman

Kaleb Jones

Jeunghoon Lee

Anu Prasad

Jose C. Lopez

Valerie K. Drager

JT Sam

Yang Lu

Sahil Verma

Paul and Sara Simmonds

Jordin C. Rausch

Mike and Tria Zeiter

Linda Reynolds

Mark and Shaelyn Johnson

Anthony and Karen Marker

Geo and Allie Engberson

Nirmala K. Kandadai

Jennifer Smith

Arvin Farid

Kishore and Ramya Sajja

Bright Funds