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Institutional Compliance and Ethics

COVID-19 Update

The Office of Institutional Compliance is still fully operational during this time. Although no in-person meetings or interviews will take place until the public health crisis has passed we are still conducting investigations and providing guidance on compliance related issues. Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Institutional Compliance and Ethics

Boise State University is committed to conducting its affairs ethically and in compliance with governing laws, regulations and policies. In accordance with the Idaho State Board of Education’s Governing Policies & Procedures Section V.Y., the Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics is responsible for coordinating compliance oversight, monitoring, and reporting at the institutional level. Although Institutional Compliance and Ethics coordinates compliance efforts campus-wide, departments and individuals with compliance responsibilities are subject-matter experts in their respective areas and should continue to be your first contact for specific compliance questions. You will find a list of responsible individuals and departments by compliance function here.

Responsibilities of Institutional Compliance and Ethics include:

  • Managing the University’s Compliance Reporting Hotline;
  • Enhancing coordination, efficiency and effectiveness of compliance activities;
  • Assessing risks and measuring adherence to compliance requirements;
  • Mitigating risks of non-compliance including monetary fines, reputational risk and loss of public trust; and
  • Promoting a culture of accountability, integrity, and adherence to the University’s Standards of Conduct.