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Transfer Credits

Graduate coursework can be transferred to Boise State University and applied to Ph.D. in Computing requirements in accordance with Graduate College policy, outlined here.

Review the Student Handbook for additional information about transfer credits, including the maximum allowable number of transfer credits, and the minimum number of credits that must be completed at Boise State.

How To Transfer Courses

  • Students should communicate with a program co-director to determine which courses will meet degree requirements prior to submitting the Request for Approval of Transfer Credits.
  • Students must provide transcripts for any transfer course being used to replace an emphasis core class (e.g. not an elective)

Transfers are requested via the Graduate College Request for Approval of Transfer Credits form.


The program co-directors review and approve transfer credit requests once per semester:

  • Fall Semester – December 1st

Previous Boise State Classes

Graduate courses taken at Boise State for a previous degree can be used to meet PhD in Computing degree requirements. Graduate courses from Boise State being used to meet Ph.D. degree requirements do not need to be submitted for approval through the Graduate College. Students should meet with their advisor or a program co-director to determine which degree requirements have already been met.

Hear from a Current Student!

“BSU allows flexibility, support, and credit transfer assistance to get to the next level of research and career.”

– Dmitry Vengertsev, PhD Student with Emphasis in Computer Science