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Frequently Asked Questions About Sophomore Start

The following questions and answers will provide you with more information about Boise State University’s Concurrent Enrollment Sophomore Start option.


What is Sophomore Start?

Boise State’s Concurrent Enrollment Sophomore Start option is designed to provide high school students taking concurrent enrollment courses the opportunity to achieve sophomore status by the time they fully enroll at Boise State by completing a minimum of 30 college-level credits while still in high school.

Who May Participate?

To participate in Boise State’s Concurrent Enrollment Sophomore Start option, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a freshman, sophomore or junior in high school (juniors must be enrolled in or have completed a minimum of 9 college-level credits).
  • Have signed permission from your high school counselor and a parent.
  • Have a goal to complete a minimum of 30 college credits while still in high school.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale).

When May I Begin the Sophomore Start Option?

Students can begin participation in Sophomore Start during their freshman, sophomore or junior year of high school. Juniors who want to participate must be enrolled in or have completed a minimum of 9 college-level credits to ensure they can satisfy the 30 college credits needed in this option.

Why is the Option Called Sophomore Start?

High school students who complete Sophomore Start successfully are able to start at Boise State University as a college sophomore, rather than as a freshman. Also, the point in which students most students begin participating in Sophomore Start is in their sophomore year of high school.

If I Participate in Sophomore Start, May I Earn More Than 30 Credits in High School?

Students may absolutely earn more than 30 credits as they participate in this option. Our program recommends that at least 30 credits be completed to reach sophomore status, but students may exceed this requirement by as many credits as they like. In fact, there are students who earn an associate’s degree, or half of a bachelor’s degree, while in high school. A Concurrent Enrollment advisor can help students determine how many college credits may be possible for them to earn at a particular high school. Sophomore Start targets the completion of 30 credits for a few reasons:

  • 30 credits is the equivalent of one year of college, which Boise State believes is an attainable goal for a large number of high school students.
  • It places an emphasis on selecting the correct courses (credits that meet your selected degree course requirements) instead of completing an array of credits that may not be applicable to your degree once you fully enroll at Boise State.
  • It leaves students time to participate in the extracurricular activities that are important to both their high school and university experiences.

What If I Only Wish to Enroll in a Few Concurrent Enrollment Classes?

Sophomore Start is not for all students taking concurrent enrollment courses, and may not be a good fit for those that only want to take a few college-level courses. Boise State University’s Concurrent Enrollment program offers a wide array of courses at partnering Treasure Valley high schools, and those requirements are that students have a 2.7 GPA to participate. Sophomore Start is specifically for students that are seeking a significant head start to college, with a defined goal of completing a minimum of 30 college-level credits while still in high school.

Do All Forms of College Credit Count Towards the 30-Credit Goal?

There are a variety of college-credit opportunities that will count toward the Sophomore Start 30-credit goal. Credits eligible for the Sophomore Start option include transferable concurrent credit/dual credit courses offered from Boise State and other colleges, transfer courses, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and CLEP tests.

How Do I Begin Participating in Sophomore Start?

Students interested in the Sophomore Start option should complete and submit an online Pre-Advising Questionnaire. Upon review of the completed Pre-Advising Questionnaire, a Boise State Concurrent Enrollment advisor will reach out to schedule an advising session. Advising scheduling will be conducted throughout the school year. Parent(s) or guardian(s) are encouraged to attend the advising session. Students not eligible to participate will be notified.

Visit our How to Participate page for additional details on participating in the Sophomore Start option.

What are the ongoing requirements of Sophomore Start?

Once a student decides to participate in the Sophomore Start option, and meets eligibility criteria, they must complete the following requirements:

  • Complete an agreement of participation and degree plan.
  • Be admitted and actively enrolled in dual credit or on-campus courses throughout their participation in the option.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) and remain in good academic standing.
  • Meet at least once each school year with a Boise State Concurrent Enrollment advisor to develop and maintain a personalized degree plan consisting of courses that best match their college goals. Only students with an advisor-approved degree plan are eligible to take Boise State summer classes at the reduced Sophomore Start rate of $75 per credit.

Why is it Necessary to Meet With a Concurrent Enrollment Advisor?

While most dual credit courses that colleges offer will count for a number of college credits, they may not fulfill requirements for a specific major, or help students achieve their college goals. Students will meet with an academic advisor to develop a personalized degree plan that fits their individual degree choice and personal goals based on the courses available at their high school. The degree plan will ensure that courses students take while in high school will apply seamlessly toward a degree at Boise State University.

What is it like to take summer courses at Boise State?

Most Boise State Summer courses are offered on the main campus (a few are offered online or at other sites). Courses are condensed from the usual 15 weeks to 3, 5 or 7 weeks, requiring several hours of class work and home work each day. These are regular college courses with college students, and no modifications will be made for Sophomore Start students. Sophomore Start students will be responsible for providing their own transportation, textbooks, and supplies. However, the Concurrent Enrollment program will provide students a free Sophomore Start Summer Orientation prior to the start of summer courses to help students get familiar with campus, learn about on campus resources, and get to know other high school students taking summer classes from across the Treasure Valley.

What Are the Additional Costs of Taking Summer Courses at Boise State?

Although Sophomore Start students will be able to take summer courses for the reduced rate of $75 per credit, additional costs and fees may apply. This could include additional online or lab fees, textbooks, class supplies, and transportation to campus. It is important to be aware of these additional costs prior to registering for summer courses.

What If I Do Not Enroll at Boise State Once I Graduate From High School?

Students can still participate in Sophomore Start, but Boise State cannot guarantee exactly how courses they take will apply toward another institutions degree requirements. If students decide not to attend Boise State, they will need to contact the college they are interested in attending to recognize how the courses taken as a participant in Sophomore Start will transfer.

If students plan to attend an Idaho public post-secondary institution, they can visit to learn how courses will transfer.

Can a student voluntarily withdraw from Sophomore Start?

Yes, students can contact their Concurrent Enrollment advisor to withdraw from the option. There are no penalties for not completing the 30-credit goal; however, they will not be eligible to enroll at Boise State as a sophomore if the 30-credits have not been completed.

Can I Change my Degree Path During Participation in Sophomore Start?

Yes, we understand that high school students may not have a definite idea of the degree they want to pursue once they begin participating in Sophomore Start. A Concurrent Enrollment advisor will assist students in choosing courses that will fulfill general requirements that apply to multiple majors at Boise State, or in adjusting their degree plan to fit to a major different than what was originally selected.

Still have questions? Contact Sophomore Start.