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Geoscience Analysis Services

If you have any questions about the services below or are interested in services that do not appear on the list, please contact the C-TAP Coordinator at Boise State to get more information.

Boise Center Aerospace Laboratory (BCAL), Geosciences Dept, Boise StateVariety of remote sensing including lidar, hyperspectral, time-series multispectral. Field data design and collection with ground-based lidar, spectroscopy, unmanned aerial systems (UAS); processing, analyzing, and visualizing UAS data (including structure from motion) and lidar data; time-series analysis with Google Earth Engine.High spatial and spectral resolution mapping for applications in ecology, geoscience, and environmental science.BCAL
Isotope Geology Laboratory (IGL), Geosciences Dept, Boise StateOptical and electron beam photomicroscopy, thermal ionization mass spectometry (TI-MS),laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectometry (LA-ICP-MS), chemical separation, sample preparation.Analysis of radiogenic isotopes in Earth materials, with a focus on in-situ, high-precision geochronology (U-Pb zircon) and tracer isotope geochemistry. These tools can be applied to a variety of problems in igneous and metamorphic petrology, structural geology and tectonics, paleobiological evolution and paleoclimate change in deep time.IGL
Stable Isotope Laboratory (SIL), Geosciences Dept, Boise StateMeasurement of stable isotopes of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur found in inorganic and organic materials, including carbonate, phosphate, plants, animal tissues, and soils/sediment, as well as stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen in liquid water samples. Also provides sample preparation and extraction.Fossil, bone, and tooth analysis for forensic, anthropology and paleoclimatology work. Analysis of soils ~ plant-soil carbon cycling, nutrient and organic material sources and cycling. Analysis of animal tissues/bones/teeth for modern ecophysiological study. Water analysis of precipitation, snow packs, stream water and soil water as tracers of the water cycle and plant use of water.SIL
Trace Analytical Laboratory, Geosciences Dept, Boise StateFull trace element suite solid sample laser ablation analysis and aqueous analysis to the ppt level of natural and man-made materials. Analysis of carbon and nitrogen percentages in plants and soils and water nutrient quantification using automated wet chemistry methods. Suite of solid phase digestions and leaches using microwave and flux methods. Also provides sample preparation. Identification of material constituents for geological, biological, anthropological and forensic work. Contaminant and trace metal material analysis. Soil composition and water nutrient analysis. Environmental assessments, resource management/conservation.TAL