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Quick Activities to Establish a Classroom of Care

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In a recent Faculty Focus article, Lauren Burrow addresses that “prioritizing a “pedagogy of care” (informed by Noddings, 1984, 2013) is essential to re-connecting peer-to-peer and professor-to-student relationships so that mutual care and respect can be re-established in college classrooms” (para. 1). While Burrow frames the article around the “new-Covid-19-normal” you may also think of it in light of other ongoing developments in higher education and society such as AI. Supporting a pedagogy of care underlines that higher education as a whole is also about supporting the students in their endeavors to become well-rounded individuals who have unique needs and talents. Burrow developed four time-sensitive activities to help educators frame their course, build relationships early, and encourage self-care.

  • Welcome Surveys
  • Wellness Check-In
  • Brain Breaks
  • Quick Chats

Learn more about these strategies and their purpose from Burrow’s Faculty Focus article. Let us help you build relationships and care into your classroom. Complete the consultation form to speak with a CTL consultant.


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