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Teaching with Canvas

The Center for Teaching and Learning and eCampus Center are working with our partners in Learning Technology Solutions to help guide you in using Canvas in your teaching. Scroll down this page for resources on designing and managing your course in Canvas.

Webinars to Support Student Success

The eCampus Center, Learning Technology Services (LTS), and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) recently held a series of webinars focusing on using Canvas to support student learning and persistence. Visit our Supporting Student Success in Canvas resource page to access recordings and materials from these past webinars.

Designing and Managing Your Course

  • Great Canvas Resources provides some excellent information on helping you get a basic understanding of Canvas and getting you up and running quickly with your course.
  • If you are designing your Canvas course and would like some quick ideas on how to improve it, use this helpful Course Evaluation Checklist. Then after your course is built, we suggest that you use the Beginning and End-of-Course Checklists to help guide you through using Canvas with your students.
  • We’ve recently created the Canvas Design Guide, a resource that helps you consider effective pedagogical practices when designing a course in Canvas.
  • If you are building a fully online course in Canvas, we recommend that you visit the eCampus Online Navigator, a collection of resources to support your course design and development activities.

Course Design Consultations

If you would like more personalized support for your course design, you can talk to one of Boise State’s Instructional Design Consultants.

  • If you are teaching an in-person, remote or hybrid course, please complete the CTL Consultation Request Form and an instructional designer from the CTL will reach out to you.
  • If you are teaching a fully online course, please complete the eCampus Consultation Request Form and an instructional designer from eCampus Center will reach out to you.


If you would like to take a self-paced training on using Canvas, we suggest that you enroll in “Growing with Canvas,” which will guide you through its features.

If you are looking for live trainings on using Canvas, visit the LTS training and events website to sign up for a webinar.

Canvas also has a robust and searchable list of Guides and Videos for those who would like to learn more about specific topics.

Technical Support

For other technical-related questions about Canvas, please visit OIT’s Canvas page.

If you need immediate assistance, contact the Boise State Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 or at You can also access support directly from within Canvas by clicking the Help button on the left Canvas global navigation.