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Transitioning to Canvas

Boise State is transitioning to Canvas, a new Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas is robust and easy-to-use, and is replacing Blackboard LMS. This transition will be complete by Fall 2021.

Working Toward a Seamless Transition

Learning Technology Solutions, eCampus Center, Center for Teaching and Learning, and other campus partners are working together to ensure our transition from Blackboard to Canvas is as seamless as possible.

This page provides faculty, staff and students with learning opportunities, resources, and what you can expect when all courses are moved to Canvas.

Migration Timeline

Spring 2021

A “soft launch” of select programs and courses will allow us to use Canvas in production while keeping the number of students using multiple LMS’s to a minimum. This soft launch will ensure that our integrations, both with our campus systems and external tool providers, are working correctly. Seven programs, about forty courses, and about 500 students will be using Canvas for the Spring 2021 semester. These programs and courses were chosen because their students were in “cohorts” and were unlikely to have other courses in Blackboard.

If you are not part of the soft launch, you are not expected to do anything regarding Canvas in the Spring. But you are welcome to attend training or request a sandbox site.

We are in the process of developing a comprehensive conversion timeline in consultation with academic leadership. Course conversions will be managed one program at a time. Please contact your program/department leadership with any questions.

Summer 2021

If you want to use Canvas in the Summer of 2021, please complete this request form by March 19, 2021, and someone from LTS will follow up with you.

Our course conversion production team will be working on completing all fall courses.

Fall 2021

All Boise State courses will migrated to Canvas. Blackboard will no longer be available. Here’s how to restore a Blackboard course.

View Our Training Calendar

Training Opportunities and Resources

Want a Canvas Sandbox?

Request a Canvas Sandbox to get familiar with the new LMS by browsing to Select Create a Sandbox at the top of the page.

Canvas Overview Webinar

Register for and attend one of our many scheduled Canvas Overview Webinars. Our Training Calendar is continually updated; be sure to check for additional upcoming training offerings!

“Growing With Canvas” Self-Paced Instruction

Check out our “Growing With Canvas” self-paced teacher training course.

Transition and Migration Planning

We are reaching out to individual departments to arrange a transition and migration plan, so there is no need to worry if you are not ready to tackle all this new stuff right away. We are happy to walk you through the change when the time comes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Canvas?

Students and faculty want it

In 2019, as a response to two years of data from faculty surveys, a shifting market share in the LMS space, and support issues with Boise State’s version of Blackboard, Learning Technology Solutions, eCampus Center, and faculty representing each academic college began investigating alternatives.

After a lengthy review that included a Spring 2020 pilot, usability testing, and other feedback from the Boise State community, the university decided to move to Canvas. With a modern, user-centric design and easy to use features, Canvas satisfies many of the concerns faculty and students have expressed about Blackboard Learn.

The State of Idaho is funding it

The Idaho State Board of Education has agreed to fund Canvas for all state higher education institutions.

How Will I Migrate My Course Content?

We'll reach out to you, but you can start becoming familiar with Canvas now

Learning Technology Solutions is reaching out to individual departments to arrange a transition and migration plan.

You can get familiar with Canvas at any time by requesting a sandbox course environment, attending a Canvas Overview Webinar, and learning through our self-paced “Growing With Canvas” teacher training course (see “Training Opportunities and Resources” above).

Contact Us

Please contact Learning Technology Solutions for more information about Boise State’s migration to Canvas at