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Megan Frary

Headshot of Megan Frary

Senior Educational Development Consultant, Clinical Professor of Materials Science and Engineering


Megan came to Boise State in 2005 and spent 18 years as a faculty member in Materials Science and Engineering. She has worked in the CTL since 2013 supporting graduate┬ástudent instructors, facilitating workshops, and contributing to the Course Design Institute. Beginning in 2023, Megan joined the CTL staff as a Senior Educational Development Consultant. She continues to teach courses for graduate students interested in teaching at the college level. Megan’s recent scholarly work, supported by the NSF, has been focused on assessing teaching effectiveness and helping graduate students develop stronger professional identities.

Megan can assist you with:

  • All aspects of course design
  • Creating transparent assignments
  • Integrating active learning your teaching
  • Alternative grading frameworks