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Sarah Lausch

portrait of sarah lausch

Educational Development Specialist


Sarah joined the CTL in the Fall of 2022 after completing the Ed.D in “Curriculum and Instruction” program at Boise State University. She also received a masters degree in “Communication Studies” and completed the CTL’s very own “Graduate Certificate in College Teaching” program. During her time as a graduate student at Boise State, Sarah was involved with the CTL in multiple ways including MAP consultations and Course Design Institute support. Sarah has taught classes in various departments at Boise State for 5 years. Her research projects have focused on developing strategies to improve impostor feelings in students, implement mindful teaching practices, and support students’ journeys toward Self-Authorship.

Sarah offers:

      • Teaching in all modalities (in-person, remote, online, hi-flex)
      • Contemplative and holistic education for faculty and students (e.g., Mindfulness, Self-Authorship development)
      • Active Learning Strategies
      • Course Design

Sarah was born and raised in Germany and came to Boise in 2014 (it’s a long story). Every so often, her German roots lead her down a spiral of authentic baking and cooking. Speaking of German heritage, despite the familiar spelling, Sarah’s name is pronounced[zaːʁa]. In her free time, you can find Sarah skiing, kayaking, hiking with her husband, or running in the foothills.