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Book Circles

Reframing Assessment to Center Equity Book Circle


This book circle is intended for faculty and staff engaged in program assessment who are interested in equity as part of their assessment conversations. For the Fall 2023 semester, we will read and discuss chapters from the book, Reframing Assessment to Center Equity (edited by Gavin Henning, Gianina Baker, Natasha Jankowski, Anne Lundquist, and Erick Montenegro). Participants will receive a copy of this book.

Faculty are invited to apply to participate during the Fall 2023 semester to participate in the book circle. The book circle will meet every other week to discuss 2-3 chapters focused on equity in programmatic assessment. Participants will share their perspectives on the readings and consider how the book content might apply into their own programmatic contexts, what information they would like to bring to their departments, and other considerations around equity. This circle will focus on productive engagement and conversations, with an emphasis on how we can each apply what we are discussing and learning to support assessment in our programs.

This form to sign up for the book circle will close on August 28 to give sufficient time to alert participants of their selection before the end of the semester, order books and get books to participants, and schedule meetings. The days/time for meetings will be set based on the selections on the form.

Activities of the Book Circle

The book circle will meet either online or in-person based on availability for 8 meetings, beginning the week of August 28. Each meeting will focus on the discussion of several assigned chapters.

Outcomes of the Book Circle

By the end of the semester, Book Circle participants will

  • Understand the current conversations around equity in assessment in higher education
  • Apply equity principles and practices to their own assessment work
  • Initiate conversations in their own programs about the equity needs of their students and how assessment can address those needs
  • Determine areas to continue learning more about equity in assessment within the context of a specific field or program


All Boise State faculty and staff who are engaged in program assessment are eligible to participate.

Application Process and Deadline

The form to sign up for the Book Circle will close on August 28.

Selection Criteria

Participants will be selected based on their involvement in their program’s assessment work as well as interest in equity and ability to attend the book circle meetings.


This program is sponsored and supported by the Center for Teaching and Learning, who is providing copies of the book for the book circle.


Please direct any questions to the book circle facilitator, Jenn Mallette (