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Course Design Certificate

Effective teaching is characterized by many different practices, one of which is intentional and inclusive course design. In order to recognize instructors who apply the principles of aligned course design, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers a Course Design Certificate. This certificate recognizes instructors who have completed one of the CTL’s Course Design Programs and applied what they learned to designing one of their courses.

Learning outcomes

Instructors who complete the Course Design Certificate will be able to: 

  • Create learning environments informed by their situational factors which support all learners. 
  • Create a set of clear, attainable, learning-focused, measurable and specific learning outcomes which span different levels of learning.
  • Design summative assessments which allow students to demonstrate their mastery of the learning outcomes.
  • Create a variety of learning activities that support student mastery of learning outcomes.


In order to earn the Course Design Certificate, you need to complete one of the following Course Design programs (learn more here):

  • Course Design Institute (offered annually in May, in person)
  • Course Design Academy (offered annually in June, asynchronously)
  • GCOLL 597 (1 credit graduate course, offered annually in spring semester)

After completing the Course Design program of your choice, complete the following deliverables (full details and instructions are available here).

  • Reflection on what you’ve learned and how you’ll apply it
  • Completed course design plan
  • Example course material demonstrating learner-centeredness

Submit your deliverables with our submission form to demonstrate your achievement of the Course Design Certificate learning outcomes.

Please reach out to Megan Frary ( with any questions.