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Practicum is an applied learning opportunity that allows students to develop their knowledge and skills while receiving one-on-one instruction and support. A practicum experience generally falls into one of two categories.

(1) An instructional experience helping to deliver some portion of a course with a focus on student learning.
(2) A production experience to develop specific applied skills through the completion of a project.

Practicum students receive 15 hours of direct faculty instruction and complete 30 hours of out-of-class work per credit enrolled to comply with Boise State Policy #4080 for instructional credit hours.

How is a practicum different than an internship or an independent study?

Practicum differs from an internship in that your practicum supervisor is a department faculty member.
Practicum differs from an independent study in its explicitly applied learning mode.

How to apply for a practicum:

First, find a faculty member to work with on a potential instructional or production project.
Second, complete the university FERPA training.
Third, download the practicum application below and complete it with your supervising faculty member.
Fourth, submit the completed and signed form to the main office: Communication Building room#111.

General 451 Practicum Application