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eCampus Center Accessible Organizational Chart

Extended Studies Associate Dean/Executive Director, eCampus – Christine Bauer

Director, eCampus Program Planning and Operations – Kelley Brandt

  • Linda Redman, Administrative Assistant 2
  • Stephanie Chism, Project/Communication Coordinator

Assistant Director, eCampus Program Development Services – Carl Melle

  • Amelia Pfeiffer, Regulatory Research Consultant
  • Fatogoma Silue, Online Program Consultant
  • Gabrielle Moore, Online Program Consultant
  • Yvonne Vance, Online Program Consultant
  • TBD, Program Services Coordinator

Associate Director, eCampus Development and Support Services – Eric Regner

Development Team Manager – Laura Bullard

  • Whitney Gill, Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • Courtney Bohl, Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • Lizzy Camacho, Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • Roslyn Carlson, Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • Sarah Karabelski, Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • Maira Marquez-Montes, Online Course Developer
  • Kristin Armel, Online Course Developer
  • Lacey Rowland, Online Course Developer

Multimedia Team Manager – Lane Donovan

  • Dan Rogers, Multimedia Developer
  • Arlie Sommer, Multimedia Developer
  • Chris Dahrens, Multimedia Developer

Copyright and Accessibility Team Manager – Todd Miranda

  • Stephanie Hamilton, Copyright and Accessibility Specialist
  • JZ (Yaitza) Marrero, Copyright and Accessibility Specialist

Maintenance Team Manager – Alicia Butterfield

  • Tom Gibbons, Online Course Technologist
  • Carlyle King, Online Course Technologist
  • Celia Wolff, Online Course Technologist
  • Justin Mello, Online Course Technologist

Associate Director, eCampus Instructional Design Services – Lisa Berry

  • Anthony Saba, Faculty Development Coordinator
  • Chris Lutzow, Faculty Development Specialist

Instructional Design Team Manager – Corinna Provant-Robishaw

  • Greg Snow, Instructional Design Consultant
  • Michael Kohntopp, Instructional Design Consultant
  • Christian Petersen, Instructional Design Consultant

Instructional Design Team Manager – Noreen Beckie

  • Brian Martin, Instructional Design Consultant
  • Gina Persichini, Instructional Design Consultant
  • Hans Aagard, Instructional Design Consultant

Instructional Design Team Manager – Laura Widenor

  • Christy Aceves, Instructional Design Consultant
  • Josh Orr, Instructional Design Consultant
  • Nicole Baird, Instructional Design Consultant

Assistant Director, eCampus Research and Innovation – Amy Vecchione

  • Gabriel Montes de Oca, Research and Innovation Consultant – Data Focus
  • Sarah Saia, Research and Innovation Consultant – Educational Technology Focus

*Last updated February 2024