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Video Transcript – eCampus Center Partners with Faculty: Boise State University

Video Transcript

[Corinna Provant-Robishaw, Sr. Instructional Design Consultant, eCampus Center]: Being a convert from not believing in online to getting my master’s degree in an online format to now actually building and designing online courses, I would have to say I’m one of the biggest cheerleaders of online. First, we meet with the faculty and we go through and figure out what the need is. We help them understand aligning the course; we teach them lots of different video techniques, interaction techniques, group techniques, to make it a high intensity very well-developed to find good course. The first seven weeks is design, pedagogy, content, assignments, reading, and then the second half is developing the course – build it, put it in Blackboard; and we’ve got a team at eCampus that helps do all of the different steps and walks them through it. And then the third part of it is teaching it, then we go through a “quality matters review” and have somebody else review the course and pass it off and we make little changes and edits and then they continue to teach.

[Jennifer Eichmeyer, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Allied Health]: As an instructor, I really like the format of being able to create my lectures ahead of time and have them fully vetted and have the students be able to consume them at their leisure. So, the ability to be very, very thoughtful about my word choices and go back and re-record if I needed to – I loved that.