Alumni satisfaction

Boise State measures the degree to which our alumni are satisfied with our programs to work with P-12 students. The feedback from our alumni helps inform ongoing improvements to our initial certification and advanced educator preparation programs.

The 2019 Alumni Survey was sent to 2017-2018 alumni from our initial programs. The survey includes 16 questions that are aligned with the four Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) areas. The results have been collapsed into these InTASC four areas: The Learner and Learning, Content and Pedagogical Knowledge, Instructional Practice and Professional Responsibility. The survey items are evaluated on the Danielson Framework for Teaching (FFT) scale: Distinguished, Proficient, Basic and Unsatisfactory.

Results from the 2019 Alumni Survey indicate the majority of our completers consider their preparation to be “Proficient” or “Distinguished” in the four InTASC areas.

2019 Alumni Survey of Initial Completers from 2017-2018, InTASC Categories

This table reports the percentage of responses on the 2019 Alumni survey grouped by InTASC categories.
InTASC CategoryUnsatisfactoryBasicProficientDistinguished
The Learner and Learning7%32%48%14%
Content and Pedagogical Knowledge1%17%58%23%
Instructional Practice1%27%52%20%
Professional Responsibility1%18%50%30%

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2019 Alumni Satisfaction of Initial Programs

The Learner and Learning

  • Distinguished (14%)
  • Proficient (48%)
  • Basic (32%)
  • Unsatisfactory (7%)

“I felt that I was given a lot of experience in creating lesson plans that could align with standards and, in the final year of the program, a constructive way to implement them.”

-Initial Certification, Elementary Education

Content and Pedagogical Knowledge

  • Distinguished (23%)
  • Proficient (58%)
  • Basic (17%)
  • Unsatisfactory (1%)

“It gave me a lot of experience and challenged me to find many methods of differentiation and assessment. It also helped me come up with more ways to keep students engaged and how to use questioning techniques to help them learn. The strengths were the instructors, the advice and criticism they gave, and the time I was able to spend teaching and reflecting.”

-Initial Certification, Mathematics

Instructional Practice

  • Distinguished (20%)
  • Proficient (52%)
  • Basic (27%)
  • Unsatisfactory (1%)

“The professional preparation program definitely help me understand how to address my students needs individually. It was a bit challenging at first but Professor Humphrey was wonderful about assisting me in communicating changes that needed to occur in order to show student growth and problem solving.”

-Initial Certification, Special Education

Professional Responsibility

  • Distinguished (30%)
  • Proficient (50%)
  • Basic (18%)
  • Unsatisfactory (1%)

“I felt that the program gave me a good grasp on what I needed to be successful as a teacher. I was able to gain experience through teaching and being observed by my mentor and liaisons. I was always provided with helpful and constructive feedback which allowed me to grow and learn.”

-Initial Certification, Elementary Education