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Stay-At-Home Learning Resources

Boise State College of Education faculty and researchers strive to best serve Idaho’s PK-12 classrooms and communities.

But what happens when the PK-12 classroom is moved to the home? How can parents best support stay-at-home learning for their kids, especially those parents who might not have any experience working in education?

The College of Education is here to help. Our faculty and researchers are putting together resources for parents, teachers and students who are working both in and out of the classroom. This page will be updated as resources are added so check back regularly.

The college has also launched a “Life at Home” series of stories and posts featuring our faculty and students learning, teaching, and working from home.

Click here to visit the “College of Education Life At Home Series” page.


1. Create schedules and designate workspaces

Loren Bailly, third grade teacher at Taft Elementary and liaison-in-residence for Boise State Teacher Education, recommends creating schedules and designating workspaces as important first steps for stay-at-home learning.

See the rest of Loren’s tips

2. Incorporate learning in everyday activities

Jeremy Ford homeschools his boys at the kitchen table

Jeremy Ford, assistant professor of early and special education, has tips to incorporate learning into kids’ lives, mostly by just being there and offering support.

Read Jeremy’s advice for parents

3. Reading comprehension is the ultimate goal for readers of all ages

Katherine Wright, assistant professor of literacy, language and culture, knows reading is difficult to teach but comprehension is the ultimate goal of reading for readers of all ages.

Watch Katherine’s tips for developing reading comprehension

Additional Resources for Parents

Faculty Example of Life at Home

Michele Carney

Support for Faculty Parents of Younger Children

Resources for children ages 3-7

Top 5 Tips for Productivity

Lisa Beymer

Top 10 Tips to Support Home Learning

Deb Carter

Self-Care and Cognitive Bandwidth

Keith Thiede

Social and Emotional Wellness Practices

Laura Gallo

Physical Health and Nutrition while Social Distancing

Hannah Calvert

Boise State Literacy Lab

Virtual Resources

Resources from the Study of Behavioral Health and Addiction

Presentations, videos, etc.

Resources for Teachers

Common Tools for Remote Teaching

EdTech Resources

Ensuring Student Privacy and Accessibility

EdTech Resources

Creative Strategies for Engaging your Students

EdTech Resources

Boise State Regional Math Center

Resources for teaching math online

Boise State Literacy Lab

Resources for teaching K-12 literacy skills virtually

Special Education Support & Technical Assistance (SESTA)

Resources for supporting students with disabilities remotely

Looking for more information?

If you still have questions or haven’t quite yet found what you are looking for, send us your suggestion(s) for additional resource topics.

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