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Event Alcohol on Campus

Services Overview

Alcohol service is an appropriate element to many events. It is imperative that this is managed in a manner that is consistent with established University policy, the State Board of Education, and Idaho State law. Everything you need to know is detailed below, and you can read the full policy here.

Service Provider

Chartwells is Boise State’s Dining and Catering provider and exclusively provides bar/beverage service and products for events on campus. Alcohol will be served in designated areas and no outside alcohol will be allowed at any event on Boise State University’s campus. It is the duty of the event client to ensure that alcohol is not served to anyone under the age of 21 at any time.

Fees and Types of Service

Bars can be designated as open (no charge to guests), cash (attendees purchase drinks themselves), or guests can receive tickets to trade for beverages. This must be worked out with Chartwells prior to the event. For all bar service:

  • a $200 minimum fee in addition to the cost of the product consumed. 
  • Event clients will be charged the $200 fee in addition to product costs. 
  • 18% gratuity is automatically charged on products consumed. 
  • Additional bartenders are an additional $50 each and may be necessary due to the size and/or scope of your event. 

Request Process and Timeline

All clients (internal and external) who wish to serve alcohol during their event must apply for the Alcohol Beverage Permit Request. A permit request must be filled out and approved at least 14 days prior to your event. This request  will be reviewed and approval will come in writing. Events that span multiple days or locations require separate applications and permits for each day or location of the event where alcohol is being served. 

Alcohol Beverage Permit Request

Service Options

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