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Event Safety and Security

Services Overview

Many resources are available within the Boise State Department of Public Safety (DPS) is authorized to determine if security officers and/or law enforcement officers are required to be present at your event. In making this determination, DPS will consider many factors, including but not limited to:

  • Event Type (festival, concert, sporting event, sale or vending event, political event, student organization event, speaker, etc.)
  • Projected attendance
  • Location of event or venue
  • Access level (public event, ticketed event, invite only, etc.)
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Parking, transportation or traffic plans/impact
  • Any existing or planned security measures
  • Number of University staff that will be present
  • Other events taking place on campus
  • Prior negative contact with law enforcement by event or event organizers
  • Effect to normal campus operations and/or impact on the academic mission of the university

Request Process

DPS looks at each event individually to evaluate security needs. The best way to make sure you have the security needed for your event is to contact them directly with as much information as possible. In doing so, DPS will advise you on action to take to ensure that your event is a secure and successful one. 

Safety and Security Request

Service Rates

In the event that DPS determines that there is a need or cause to have security at your event, there will be additional charges incurred, based on type, duration, and security personnel involved. Security costs charged by the University are costs actually incurred, and are not based on the viewpoint or expression of the reserving party. All security costs and charges are itemized, explained in writing, and can be appealed.

  • If Public Safety has to hire additional officers, the cost will be passed on to the reserving party as part of event-related charges.
  • When necessary, the university may take additional security measures at its cost to maintain campus safety and to ensure the safe and normal use of campus by others.
  • If security personnel are required to respond because a university policy or a law is violated, the violating party will be charged for any extraordinary costs actually incurred by the university.


Any group, organization, or individual that intends to hold or host an event on campus, should notify the Department of Public Safety 30 days in advance of the event.