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Spring 2023 Financial Aid Dates and Deadline

Spring 2023 Academic Calendar

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October 1, 2022Spring 2023 priority date to submit 2022-23 FAFSA to have spring financial aid ready to pay spring semester fees. Students are strongly encouraged to submit a 2022-2023 FAFSA even if the priority filing date has passed.
October 1, 2022Scholarship priority date for new freshmen and transfer students. Last day to have all admissions materials received in the Admissions Office to be considered for automatic scholarships (WUE, Treasure, Presidential, Dean’s, True Blue Promise Scholarship) for Spring 2023.
October 31, 2022New freshmen and transfer students for Spring 2023 who are offered a Boise State scholarship will be notified by BroncoMail.
November 1, 2022Last day to submit all requested financial aid documents (such as verification tax transcripts) to be eligible for Spring 2023 work-study funding and supplemental grants (SEOG). Funding for these programs is limited and available only to priority aid applicants.
End of November 2022Electronic notification to new and transfer students of Spring 2023 financial aid awards. Watch myBoiseState, Student Center and BroncoMail for notification.
November 15, 2022Priority admission date for spring semester for undergraduate, degree-seeking applicants. All admissions materials are to be received by the Admissions Office by this date. Applicants who miss this priority date will be considered for degree-seeking status on a space available basis. Students who are ineligible for degree-seeking admission may be considered for nondegree-seeking status and are ineligible for financial aid.
December 16, 2022Submit direct deposit authorization by this date on myBoiseState for earliest disbursement of fall financial aid to be deposited into your savings/checking account. Without direct deposit set up, any refunds will be sent as a check by mail.
December 23, 2022Electronically accept aid and complete any financial aid To Do items (direct loan counseling, master promissory note) by this date to have financial aid available for earliest disbursement of aid.
December 23 -January 31, 2023Freeze on loan increases, budget increases and special conditions requests.
December 27, 2022Ideal date by which to finalize your spring class schedule to receive the fullest amount of your spring financial aid. Part-time students may begin to see aid reduced based on the level of enrollment prior to the first disbursement of aid.
January 3, 2023The earliest date that spring semester aid (scholarships, loans, grants) can be applied toward paying spring fees. Check your account at the end of the day today for disbursements. Allow 3-5 business days to receive refunds by direct deposit or 7-10 days to receive checks by mail.
January 6, 2023Estimated date first direct deposit or refund checks received for excess spring financial aid.
January 7, 2023Fee payment deadline for students registered for spring semester.
January 9, 2023Anticipated date that Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) review will be completed for students enrolled during Fall 2022. SAP must be reviewed prior to disbursement of spring semester aid for those with SAP warnings, holds, or academic plans.
January 9, 2023Spring classes begin.
January 23, 2023 11:59 pmFirst financial aid Pell Recalculation Date – eligibility for financial aid determined by the number of credits registered on this date. All credits for classes that start on 01/9/23, including internship credits, must be in place by this deadline. Only “financial aid eligible credits” count towards enrollment level, scholarship eligibility, Pell Grant and loan eligibility.
January 23, 2023Deadline to submit a SAP appeal for the spring semester.
March 29, 2023 11:59 pm Second financial aid Pell Recalculation Date - Pell Grant eligibility for student enrolled in sessions starting after 01/23/23 determined by number of credits register on this date. Only “financial aid eligible credits” count towards enrollment level, scholarship eligibility, Pell Grant and loan eligibility.
April 1, 2023Last day to submit Special Conditions form for review of Spring 2023 financial aid.
April 1, 2023Deadline to submit documents (verification tax transcripts, etc.) needed to complete your 2022-2023 financial aid application. Documents submitted after this date may be ineligible for student loans, but will still be evaluated for Pell Grant eligibility.
April 15, 2023Deadline to complete a master promissory note for spring loans to be released.
May 1, 2023Last day to request an additional Direct Loan for spring semester.
Early May 2023Complete exit counseling session if you are graduating and have received a Direct Loan at Boise State. You will receive a letter or email with information about what is required.
May 5, 2023Last day of finals.
May 5, 2023Last date for release (disbursement) of spring aid.