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Molly’s Story

Molly McMulkin smiling and talking to someone

In Molly's Words

Why did you join the Bronco Gap Year program?

I needed more structure for my gap year because I was feeling lost on what I should beĀ focusing on. It provided structure but was very flexible, which I also wanted. IĀ needed guidance in a time where many things were unknown. I wanted guidance in choosing the next step on my path. I wanted a chance to explore different opportunities and the Bronco Gap year Program provided that for me.

What did you gain from the experience?

I never wanted to plan out a direct path for my gap year experience, and I never ended up with one. I wanted guidance for finding my next step, and that is exactly what I gained from it. I wanted to explore different opportunities after high school, while also learning about myself and what was important to me (my values) and what my goals were. It was especially beneficial for me when I decided to go to Boise State because I met some faculty and students and they were able to help guide me through the transition of moving away to college.

What made your Gap Year experience unique?

My gap year experience was unique because I got to make it completely my own. I was able to create what I wanted to explore and gain from the experience. I liked how I could make it as structured or as flexible as I wanted. It was special to me because I never really had the chance for much guidance or time to explore different opportunities. During COVID, the Bronco Gap Year program helped me move forward. The program helped provide direction for my next steps and helped maintain connections during a time when it was difficult to.