Student organizations can raise money for activities through several options. The most common methods are hosting a fundraiser event, soliciting donations, through ASBSU Funding Grants, and/or a Boise State University PonyUp campaign.

Fundraisers vary in scale and various factors will determine the steps your student organization will need to take; it’s important that you plan far enough ahead and be in communication with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center. Discussing your plans with Student Involvement will help staff understand your vision and provide your student organization with clear steps to host a successful fundraiser.

Ready to hold a fundraiser? Want to solicit donations? Anytime your organization wants to sell items, ask for donations, or be paid for a service, you should follow these steps:

  • Complete an event registration on OrgSync and on the second page select “Fundraiser” as the type of event you’re planning.
    • Plan ahead. Most fundraiser event registrations need to be submitted at least sixty (60) business days prior to your proposed event. You may not have all the details lined up but it’s beneficial to get the ball rolling at least two months in advance. Some circumstances may extend this timeframe (i.e. selling merchandise, requesting donations from individuals/companies, etc.). If you’re unsure when to submit your registration, please contact the Student Involvement and Leadership Center at
  • Schedule time with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center to discuss your fundraiser idea before making final decisions, agreements, spending funds, etc. You can also go to the Student Organizations Handbook and read the information under Section III for more information on this topic.
  • Once you’ve completed all the steps outlined by Student Involvement and your fundraiser is registered, you can proceed with your planning and/or purchasing of items to sell.
  • Is the fundraiser’s intent to benefit your student organization? After your event, you will deposit the money (cash or check) into your organization’s account.
    • The deposit box and how-to directions are located to the right of the Information Desk in the Student Union. Envelopes/deposit slips provided.
  • Is the fundraiser’s intent to benefit another organization like a charity?
    • Money must go directly to the charity. Please do not deposit those funds into your student organization account. Contact Student Involvement for instructions on handling these funds PRIOR to hosting your fundraiser.
  • Ready to access and spend money from your student organization account? Read Section II.A of the Student Organizations Handbook.

Received an Unexpected Donation?

Congratulations! Deposit the money (cash or check) into your organization’s account by using the deposit box located to the right of the Information Desk in the Student Union Building. Envelopes/deposit slips and how-to instructions are provided.

All checks being deposited into your student organization account should be made out to “Boise State University” with your organization’s name in the memo line.

Soliciting Donations via Letter Campaign?

If your student organization’s fundraising plan is to solicit donations using a letter campaign you will need to follow the same steps listed above under Fundraising.

After submitting your event registration, you will be asked to share a copy of the letter, brochure, and/or packet you plan to share with prospective donors. Student Involvement will review your material(s) and contact you with any feedback. Please do not start your campaign until your event registration has been approved.

ASBSU Funding Grants

ASBSU supports unique signature events that bring students together. They offer more than one kind of sponsorship during the academic year. ASBSU proudly provides funding to student organizations for events and programs, supplies for activities, travel to conferences, and more.

Types of sponsorships:

  • Direct Grant: groups are eligible (but not entitled) to receive up to $4,000
  • Joint Grant (at least two organizations): one event per year eligible (but not entitled) for up to $6,000
  • Individual Grant: for individual student travel/projects, eligible (but not entitled) up to $400

Learn how your organization can apply for ASBSU funds directly by visiting the ASBSU website The ASBSU grant request form is posted on their website and in ASBSU’s OrgSync portal under the “Forms” tab at the beginning of each Fall semester.

Boise State University PonyUp Campaign

If your student organization’s fundraising plan is to raise funds using a PonyUp campaign you may contact a PonyUp Crowdfunding Coordinator directly at University Advancement to get started. University Advancement can also be reached via phone at 208-426-3276 or 800-341-6150.