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4. Fundraising

4.1 Fundraising

The term “fundraising” in this policy refers to recognized student organizations that intend to raise additional funds through the solicitation of donations (funds and/or items), charge admission, or sell products or services. Fundraising may be for the benefit of student organizations themselves or for charitable groups.

If you fundraise for charity, non-profit, or philanthropic organization:

  • Money cannot be deposited in your student organization account.
  • Money must go directly to the charity, non-profit, or philanthropic organization.
  • Any checks from donors must be made out to the charity, non-profit, or philanthropic organization. 

Before a student organization plans any kind of activity to raise money, the organization is required to complete an Event Registration and Fundraising Request Form. Depending on the complexity of your fundraising efforts, timelines may vary from one (1) week to six (6) months prior to the beginning date of the fundraiser.  

A request must be completed and approved for each individual fundraiser unless the event is for the same activity on a regular basis. The organization will be notified of approval. If a fundraiser is not approved, the student organization will not be allowed to hold the fundraiser.

4.2 Fundraising and Solicitation for Donations

Fundraising, solicitation for donations, and general publicity for a commercial purpose by recognized student organizations either on or off-campus require pre-approval from Student Involvement and University Advancement to ensure existing contracts and donor relationships are honored. On-campus, these activities may take place only at designated, reserved locations, if available. Complete an event registration through your organization’s portal on Engage to get approval for your activity and request space if needed. On-campus activity must remain at the assigned location. See Boise State Policy 1100 for additional detail.

4.3 Crowdfunding and Pony Up Campaigns

Online crowdfunding campaigns are a popular and effective fundraising tool for student groups. Boise State has a platform that is available for student groups to use called Pony Up. To learn how to start a Pony Up campaign for your organization visit

4.4 Donations

Cash and noncash donations can be accepted by student organizations if those donations meet specific criteria. After submitting an Event Registration, Student Involvement will connect you with University Advancement if you are soliciting donations or sponsorships from off-campus groups. Organizations may only solicit tax-deductible donations that will contribute to the mission of the university — in other words, each event or activity must have an educational, research, cultural or public service purpose. In addition:

  • Donations must be used in accordance with the purpose for which they were collected.
  • All donations that are tax-deductible must be processed with the University Foundation.  
  • Tax-deductible donations can be made via check (made out to Boise State Foundation) or via credit/debit card on the Boise State University Foundation website.
  • Cash donations are not eligible for a tax credit and must be deposited into the student organization’s account. 

4.5 Boise State University Foundation Accounts

The Boise State University Foundation can help a student organization set up a special Foundation account to receive tax-deductible donations. Student Involvement will connect you with the Foundation to set-up the account. 

All Foundation account deposits are made at the University Advancement office. A Foundation deposit form for student clubs is required along with the funds. Once the deposit is processed, the Foundation will provide the business or individual with a form they can file with their taxes.

4.6 Selling Merchandise

If your organization wants to fundraise by selling tickets, t-shirts, buttons, books or other items, you must fill out a Fundraiser Request and attach a list of all items to be sold at least one (1) week prior to the date of the proposed fundraiser. Review of promotional items take longer and must be submitted at least three (3) weeks in advance. 

If your organization has an event with a performer/speaker/vendor who would like to sell merchandise (such as books, posters, or clothing), the performer/speaker/vendor must submit a  Merchandise Exemption Form with University Event Services. The BroncoShop has exclusive selling rights for merchandise on campus (similar to Dining Services and catering rights and Coke and pouring rights), so any entity selling similar items must be reviewed for approval of sales on campus. If books will be sold, an ISBN must be included on the form

If an organization wishes to sell items that include the Boise State University name, the student organization must use a licensed vendor from the university. 

4.7 Raffles

Raffles may not be held by student organizations recognized by the university. A raffle is defined as purchasing a chance to win something (a pen, TV, gift cards, etc.).  Any chance drawing must be open to all without restriction.   

Raffles are considered gambling in the state of Idaho and a $10,000 per incident fine may be assessed by the state of Idaho to any agency that does not comply with federal, state, and university policies.