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Gratitude Surrounds Our Campus Community

Have a quick look around campus at Boise State University and the power of gratitude will surround you. Students walking between classes, conducting research in laboratories and practicing in athletic facilities, engaging with our professors and leaders in and outside of the classroom — so much of what we do here traces back to giving thanks. 

We’re grateful that nearly 26,000 students have chosen Boise State as the place where they can expand their knowledge, earn degrees and prepare for their careers. Every one of them brings us closer to fulfilling our mission to be the top education and research university in the state. Many students struggle with the basics, however, and we want to make sure food or financial insecurity doesn’t interfere with their academic or professional success. 

This season, we hope you’ll join us in supporting the Boise State Campus Food Pantry. It received more than 2,155 visits the first two months of the fall semester, serving more than 700 students. Your gifts feed those who might otherwise skip meals or go hungry, and help us address food insecurity issues on the Boise State campus. 

The Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) are also stepping up to help. Partnering with the Campus Food Pantry, ASBSU will host the third-annual Thanksgiving Food Kit event, during which the pantry distributes 200 meal kits for students, staff and others who may not have access to the holiday meal. In 2020, ASBSU distributed 175 meal kits to members of the campus community. 

Finally, earlier this year we introduced you to some of the mental health initiatives here on campus. In recent months, we’ve seen the issues of mental health and wellness grow in the national discourse and wanted to explore them at greater length. In our feature story, we look at how Boise State supports a thriving community and fights for student success by innovating within our existing mental health programming and launching bold new initiatives. We also give a voice to Bronco alumni who have made mental health a part of their careers. We hope you’ll give it a read here.

I know I speak for many when I say how grateful I am to be part of this giving and supportive university community. Thank you for all that you do for Boise State!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Matthew Ewing, Advancement, faculty/staff, Studio portrait by Priscilla Grover
Matthew Ewing Signature



Matthew N. Ewing
Vice President for University Advancement

Bronco Giving Day


Bronco Giving Day is a 36-hour giving campaign that provides simple online access for donors to support several critical initiatives within colleges, athletics, departments and other areas. The fourth annual Bronco Giving Day will be held on March 3–4, 2022.

Preparing Idaho's Next Generation of Educators

Triple Bronco Dr. Soñia Galaviz (’02, ’05,’20, was recently honored with the Boise State Alumni Association’s DistinguishedAlumni Award. During her awards acceptance speech, she highlighted her continued relationship with Boise State, and how clinical experiences through scholarship prepared her, and other educators for success.

“I am one of thousands of incredible educators across the state,” Galaviz said. “I wish public educators as a whole could be recognized for going the extra mile…for how we pour our hearts into this job, this calling. I think the teacher preparation program at Boise State not only revolutionized the way I saw the world around me, but also the way I interact in that space regarding public education.”

Meet Soñia Galaviz

Scholarships Change Lives

Anh Nguyen, a COBE Accounting graduate was awarded the Smith Family Business Scholarship. Receiving this scholarship enabled her to cut some of her hours at the nail salon and use her free time to participate in COBE’s Career Services interviewing workshops and networking events where she met recruiters from Micron. She was offered an internship that eventually turned into a permanent job offer. Micron then paid for her to enroll in Boise State’s Master of Accountancy program. Anh went from a part-time nail tech to a Masters-level accountant at Micron because of this single scholarship.

Meet Anh Nguyen

Support Student-Athletes

The Lyle Smith Society is a leadership giving society supporting Boise State Athletics. Named after the longtime Boise State coach and athletic director, the society’s goal is to increase philanthropic revenues for Boise State Athletics, support operational needs and capital priorities. Funds from the society position Bronco student-athletes for greater success in the classroom, in competition, and in life after graduation.

Keith and Catherine Stein Luminary

The Stein Luminary combines immersive projection with touch-activated screens. Its cutting-edge content features visual and performing arts, and cultural exhibitions by Boise State faculty and students. The Stein Luminary provides opportunities for the community to explore creative arts, cultural sites and scientific phenomena from around the globe, fostering interdisciplinary activity and research through exhibitions, performances, and installations.

Learn More About the Stein Luminary

Enhancing the Job Readiness of our Grads

The Construction Management Program at Boise State University has prepared students to enter the workforce job-ready for more than 30 years. Boise State is the only public university in Idaho offering a bachelor’s degree and minor in construction management. The American Council for Construction Education recently accredited the program, but was concerned about the number of faculty per students. The new facility will help us recruit in a tight market while showcasing the construction industry.

Learn More About Construction Management

Idaho's First Accredited School of Public Health

Public health professionals strengthen and improve the health of people and the communities where they live. The educational programs, policy development, preventative care services, research and regulation of health systems conducted by public health professionals aim to solve the world’s most pressing health problems.

Learn More about the School of Public Health

Esports Grows to Meet Student Needs

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, despite Covid-related cancellations in other areas, Boise State University’s Esports program blossomed. The program held its EsportsU camp, grew its audience, hosted tournaments and received accolades from top Esports organizations. Much of its success comes from funding from donors like Idaho Central Credit Union.

Learn More about Esports

Tomorrow's Responsible Citizens and Community Leaders

The School of Public Service (SPS) believes that combining classroom studies with hands-on learning will serve our graduates well as they become future public service leaders. The SPS Experience Fund gives students opportunities that go beyond the traditional campus practice.

Learn More About the Student Experience Fund

Expanding Students' Vision of the World

The Honors College is pleased to have led a number of study abroad courses in Italy, Greece, Belize, Ireland and England. These travel courses expand students’ learning and their vision of the world. They are, quite simply, transformational experiences. Supporting travel scholarships are critical to students’ ability to take these courses, and we want to grow the pool of students who have access to these learning experiences. 

Learn More about the Honors College
Ways to Give

Broncos Give

Through our nearly 100 years as an institution serving as a catalyst for success, we know that Broncos will continue to join together in extraordinary ways to fulfill our educational missions. The generosity of our alumni and friends has, and continues to help those in need at Boise State. Please make an impactful gift and continue the Boise State tradition of giving in support of other members of the Bronco Family.

Where Can I Make an Impact?

Download Your Free Estate Planning Guide

Leave Your Legacy

Generosity comes in many forms, and gift planning is often the best way to support important causes that matter the most to you in your life. And, it can be done at any age. Just started a family and getting your beneficiaries in order? Consider adding Boise State as a beneficiary. Looking to maximize your charitable contributions? Consider a gift of stock or IRA rollover. When you support Boise State University through a planned gift, you help us make a difference while leaving a lasting legacy.

Learn More and Get Your Free Estate Planning Guide

Your Impact

“I would thank you for making education more feasible for students. This type of philanthropy is not seen as much in our society anymore, and we have more of a mentality of always having to pull ourselves up on our own. Thank you for making so many people’s lives easier and taking the stress away.” — Catlin, Scholarship Recipient

Make a Gift

Get Involved

Remember that feeling you had when you were at Boise State — the feeling of being part of something you could be proud of? That feeling continues today.

Upcoming Events

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Beating Burnout at Work: The Secret to Well-Being and Resilience

Bronco Giving Day

Fiesta Broncos Alumni Golf Tournament

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